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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - Official Tournament Sealed Deck

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition Official Tournament Sealed Deck  

Each boxed set contains the same fixed deck of twenty new black border cards, including 5 Dilemmas, 2 Doorways, 1 Event, 1 Outpost, 6 Missions, 2 Objectives, 1 Personnal, 1 Q Card and 1 Ship. Also included are four Premiere (white border) expansion packs and one Alternate Universe expansion pack. The basic set is presented in six different box designs (each representing an affiliation) which were all sealed with the same type of wrapper so that dealers and customers would not know what box was inside. The idea was to have a ready made deck that could be sealed until tournament time and then opened. This set introduced the first doubled sided card: Spacedoor.

Copyright Line - TM & © 1998 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 1998 DECIPHER INC.


Space Dilemma Abandon Ship! Planet Dilemma Armus – Sticky Situation Space/Planet Dilemma Hippocratic Oath
Krenim attacks repeatedly damaged the U.S.S. Voyager. Failing life support systems led Captain Kathryn Janeway to order the evacuation of all personnel except senior staff. Abandon Ship! Armus, a remnant of the Vagrans, engulfed Commander Will Riker in his skin of evil. Only the finesse and skillful negotiation of Jean-Luc Picard resulted in his release. Armus – Sticky Situation Countdown 3
On stardate 49066.5, rogue Jem'Hadar detained Julian Bashir on Bopak III. He was compelled to seek a cure to their genetically engineered addiction to the drug ketracel-white.
Hippocratic Oath
If ship damaged or RANGE reduced, personnel not needed for staffing are placed with dilemma atop mission. Rescue (opponent may capture) personnel with different ship here.
Rarity: P
Strongest Away Team member is "stopped" if another personnel present has Diplomacy and CUNNING>7, killed otherwise. Discard dilemma only if any personnel remain.
Rarity: P
To get past, most CUNNING MEDICAL present must help aliens (relocated with dilemma to nearest planet at another location). MEDICAL is "stopped" until countdown expires.
Rarity: P
Space/Planet Dilemma Make Us Go Space/Planet Dilemma Unscientific Method  
"We are Pakleds. We look for things…things to make us go. You are smart. Can you make our ship go? Do not try to trick us. We can tell." Make Us Go As part of his plan to steal the newly developed metaphasic shield technology, Jo'Bril sabotaged the initial testing, faked his own death and killed the inventor. Unscientific Method  
To get past, most CUNNING ENGINEER present must help aliens (held with dilemma atop mission). At end of your next turn, cure with CUNNING>24 here or place both out-of-play.
Rarity: P
Assassin kills the most CUNNING SCIENCE personnel present who does not have Greed or Treachery. To get past requires CUNNING>24 remaining.
Rarity: P


Doorway Spacedoor (front) Doorway Spacedoor (reverse) Doorway Space-Time Portal
  Spacedoor (front)   Spacedoor (reverse)   Space-Time Portal
Seeds on your outpost during outpost phase. Spacedoor is now open, reducing outpost's SHIELDS by 8 (cumulative). In place of your normal card play, you may either "overhaul" one of your empty ships here (return ship to hand; nullifies any Static Warp Bubbles affecting you) OR download to here one Spacedock or ❖ ship that is compatible with outpost. Then close (flip over) Spacedoor.
Rarity: P
Spacedoor is now closed (no longer reduces SHIELDS) and immune to cards which close doorways. While opponent has Red Alert in play, this outpost is also on "alert status" and you may use that event's game text at this outpost. At end of any of your turns, you may re-open (flip over) this Spacedoor by discarding any card from hand.
Rarity: P
Seeds or plays on table. Your Alternate Universe cards may seed and play (one per turn). At any time, you may discard this doorway from table to download Alternate Universe Door OR nullify Temporal Rift OR play as a second Wormhole interrupt OR return one of your ships in play, and all cards on it, to owners' hands OR (once per game) allow one Alternate Universe ship to report with crew (each must be Alternate Universe) at any location.
Rarity: P



Event Treaty: Federation / Romulan / Klingon Non-Aligned Husnock Outpost  
Three major Alpha Quadrant powers, in an uncharacteristic show of solidarity in 2373, focused their resources against the Dominion threat in a united stand at station Deep Space 9. The sudden eradication of the entire Husnock race left its many outposts vacant. Various affiliations take advantage of these available facilities. Husnock Outpost  
Plays on table. If you have no side decks, your Federation, Romulan, and Klingon affiliations may mix, cooperate and ignore affiliation battle restrictions, but may not attempt opponent's missions
Rarity: P
Seed at any Noon-Aligned Mission location. You may seed one ❖ Husnock Ship face up here. Extends only 25% of its SHIELDS to ships.
Non-Aligned OUTPOST
Rarity: P


Planet DilemmaEstablish Relations Space DilemmaExplore Interstellar Matter Planet Dilemma ❖ Impose Order
Independent planet: Conduct negotiations to establish peaceful rapport and cultural exchange.

Diplomacy + INTEGRITY>32 + (Leadership OR V.I.P.)
When you solve, download a Non-Aligned personnel here.
❖  Establish Relations Unexplored space: Gather data on newly encountered phenomenon.

SCIENCE + (Astrophysics OR Stellar Cartography)
Your Subspace Warp Rift and Tetryon Field play for free here.
Opponent's side: You must start opponent's Calamarain here.
❖ Explore Interstellar Matter Pre-unified world: Unify diverse nation-states via coercion and occupation.

Diplomacy + Treachery + STRENGTH>40
* Unopposed OFFICER on planet may steal points.
❖ Impose Order
Federation Mission Noon-Aligned Mission Bajoran Mission  Points: 25  Span: 3
Rarity: P

Any crew may attempt misison.
Points: 25  Span: 3
Rarity: P

Romulan Mission Klingon Mission Cardassian Mission Dominion Mission  Points: 35  Span: 4
Rarity: P
Space Dilemma ❖ Investigate Incursion Planet Dilemma ❖ Mineral Survey Space Dilemma ❖ Test Propulsion Systems
Border of known space: Investigate reports of Borg presence in this sector.

SECURITY + (Shelby OR Leadership + OFFICER x2)
X=30 (45 if Borg or Borg Only card or Borg Ship dilemma here).
Opponent's side: Your Borg ships may report with crew here.
❖ Investigate Incursion Planetoid: Survey planetoid with minimal atmosphere to determine value of mineral deposits.

Geology + SCIENCE + CUNNING>28
When you solve, draw up to two cards.
❖ Mineral Survey Remote sector: Test upgrades to faster-than-light drive components.

Navigation + Physics + ENGINEER + ❖ ship
Solving player's ships are RANGE +2. (Cumulative.)
❖ Test Propulsion Systems
Any crew may attempt misison.
Points: X  Span: 4
Rarity: P
Any Away Team may attempt misison.
Points: 25  Span: 2
Rarity: P
Any crew may attempt misison.
Points: 25  Span: 5
Rarity: P


Objective Open Diplomatic Relations Objective Reflection Therapy  
  Open Diplomatic Relations   Reflection Therapy  
Seeds on table during doorway phase; you may seed one Treaty during this phase. At any time, you may exchange two cards in hand for a Treaty in your discard pile (discard objective). OR Plays on any opponent's ship. Your Away Teams which have a V.I.P. may beam to and from that ship, and it may not voluntarily move while your V.I.P. aboard. Discard objective if your personnel battle aboard that ship.
Rarity: P
Alternate Universe
Plays on any personnel (except Suna) if you have Treachery>Honor present. Changes one regular skill to any other regular skill. Any player may cure with 3 Empathy present. OR Plays on and captures an opposing personnel affected by Frame of Mind. (If rescued, discard objective.) On a later turn, you may download Brainwash or Interrogation to replace (discard) this objective.

Rarity: P




Non-Aligned ❖ Suna Q Hide and Seek Non-AlignedDarmok
Military official of Tilonus IV. Typical of treacherous government interrogators. Twisted William Riker's mind using neurosomatic techniques.
Suna Hidden Agenda "Why don't we play a little game? I'll hide… you find me." Hide and Seek DARMOK CLASS
"Picard and Dathon, trading knives at El-Adrel. Children at Tama's knee. Sokath, forging knives for his brothers."
❖ Darmok
Red Dot MEDICAL Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Once per game, may download Reflection Therapy.


Rarity: P
Space/Planet Dilemma
Shuffle into crew or Away Team. Randomly "stops" personnel one by one. After a ❖ personnel or Hide and Seek selected, discard dilemma. (May also be seeded.)
Event Plays on table. When any player overcomes their own Q dilemma, their opponent may immediately seed up to four cards there from hand, discard pile or Q's Tent; discard event. (May not be nullified. May also be seeded as Hidden Agenda.)

Rarity: P
Command Staff When reporting, choose Tractor Beam OR Holodeck OR Particle Scattering Device.


Rarity: P
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