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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - Mirror, Mirror

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition Mirror, Mirror  

Mirror, Mirror contained more personnel per capita than any previous set, including the "mirror personae" of Original Series and Deep Space Nine personnel who entered the Mirror Universe. Included was an Ultra-Rare (1:121 packs) of Mr. Spock. There was another range of R+ (33% more rare than the normal rares). Most, if not all the booster packs contained cards which were all slightly curved

Copyright Line - TM & © 2000 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 2000 DECIPHER INC.


Artifact Tantalus Field  
Alternate Universe TOS
Alien device that vaporizes victims at the touch of a button. Used by James Tiberius Kirk to achieve his captaincy. A Kirk not from his universe revealed its secret to First Officer Spock.
Tantalus Field  
Place on your Mirror Quadrant Mirror Quadrant ship here. (Unique.) Once each turn, may discard top card of draw deck to kill a ❖ personnel here OR discard top three to kill a unique personnel here.
Rarity: 1 R


Space/Planet Dilemma A Fast Ship Would Be Nice Planet Dilemma Artillery Attack Space/Planet Dilemma Chula: The Game
The mirror universe version of Bareil Antos unexpectedly beamed aboard Deep Space 9 and took Kira Nerys hostage. He demanded a ship in exchange for her life. A Fast Ship Would Be Nice The Gorn attackers responsible for eradicating an outpost on Cestus III turned their deadly weaponry on the Enterprise landing party dispatched to investigate. Artillery Attack Shortly after discovery of the Bajoran wormhole in 2369, a delegation of Wadi visitors arrived from the Gamma Quadrant. They coerced Quark into playing their unusual game of chula. Chula: The Game
Kills one personnel (opponent's choice). You may substitute a bodyguard or Guard Drone present OR an empty ship here (moved to opponent's side of spaceline; commandeered).
Rarity: 2 R
Kills X personnel (random selection); immediately probe:
 Red Dot : X = number of Red Dot icons on probe card.
Equipment: X = 0 (discard probe card). Otherwise: X = 1.

Rarity: 3 R
Unless one personnel present has Greed and Treachery OR Greed and CUNNING>7, crew or Away Team is "stopped" until end of your next turn. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: 4 U
Planet Dilemma Denevan Neural Parasites Space/Planet Dilemma Distraction Space Dilemma Emergency Conversion
Deadly flying parasites decimated the populations of Levinius V, Theta Cygni XII, Ingraham B, and finally Deneva, where they killed George Samuel Kirk and his wife, Aurelan. Denevan Neural Parasites "You aren't very persistent, Mr. Sulu. The game has rules; you're ignoring them. I protest… and you come back. You didn't… come… back." Distraction With the field density between the mirror universe and their own closing quickly, Mr. Scott and Dr. McCoy rushed to complete modifications to the transporters. Emergency Conversion
Attacks half of Away Team (random selection, round up). You may protect one selected personnel for each phaser, disruptor, or unselected Subcommand Defense Borg present; others are killed.
Rarity: 5 R
One male or female present (random selection) "distracts" a personnel of the opposite gender (opponent's choice). If neither has Honor, both are "stopped."
Rarity: 6 U
To get past requires 2 Astrophysics and Transporter Skill.
Rarity: 7 C
Planet Dilemma Gorn Encounter Planet Dilemma Horta Space/Planet Dilemma Kelvan Show of Force
Large reptilian humanoid. Pitted against Captain Kirk by the Metrons in a contest of wits and brute strength. Showed no mercy. Gorn Encounter Silicon-based life-form native to Janus VI. Every 50,000 years, all Horta die off except one, which must repopulate the species through egg laying. Will kill to protect its young. Horta Aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy demonstrated their power to Captain Kirk by distilling two crew members to their chemical components. Crushing a container instantly killed the victim. Kelvan Show of Force
Attacks personnel with most Leadership (opponent's choice if tie or none). Killed unless printed (CUNNING or STRENGTH) + (number of Red Dot icons) > 12. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: 8 U
Place on planet. Now and end of every player's turn, kills one of that player's personnel present (random selection). Cure with 2 Leadership, 2 Mindmeld, and 2 Exobiology.
Rarity: 9 R
To get past, two non-android, non-holographic personnel present are selected (opponent's choice). One of those two is "crushed" (killed, random selection).
Rarity: 10 R
Space Dilemma Quantum Fissure Planet Dilemma Royale Casino: Slots  
A fragile intersection of countless parallel realities. An attempt to scan one using a subspace differential pulse was interrupted by a Bajoran warship – with disastrous results. Quantum Fissure Alternate Universe
A U.S.S. Enterprise away team became trapped in an illusory world based on the badly written Hotel Royale, a Todd Matthews novel filled with "endless cliché and shallow characters."
Royale Casino: Slots  
To get past requires Astrophysics and Physics. Also, cannot get past if opponent has a ship here with two or more staffing icons that is staffed, undocked, and undamaged.
Rarity: 11 U
Show a personnel from hand; if two of its attributes match, win points (if all three, win double points). Otherwise, lose points.
Points: ±5
Rarity: 12 C


Doorway Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe Doorway The Guardian of Forever  
  Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe   The Guardian of Forever  
Seeds (in any phase) or plays in Mirror Quadrant. Limit one. Inserts into spaceline to create a Bajor Region location (span 1); any player may download DS9 Bajoran Wormhole. Any ship may move between here and a DS9 Bajoran Wormhole if damaged or if ENGINEER and SCIENCE aboard, then is "stopped." OR Plays at any time to nullify any card which is closing or destroying Bajoran Wormhole (discard doorway).
Rarity: 13 U
Plays on planet Gateway (limit one). Once per turn, one or more personnel present may time travel to a time location in this quadrant, or may return here from there (with any of owner's other personnel present). OR Plays once each turn to nullify any card that is closing Guardian, or to draw up to four cards if your Archaeology or Anthropology personnel just time traveled back to Guardian; place doorway out-of-play.
Rarity: 14 R


Equipment Agonizer Equipment Classic Disruptor Equipment Ferengi Whip
Alternate Universe TOS
Pain-inflicting device developed by the Terran Empire. Fear of punishment drives crew members to maintain maximum efficiency at all times. Ensures alertness, loyalty, and obedience.
Agonizer Alternate Universe TOS
Standard phase-disruption weapon used in the mid-23rd century. Technology shared between the Klingon and Romulan Empires during their brief alliance in the late 2260s.
Classic Disruptor Unconventional hand weapon. High-energy plasma discharge renders victims unconscious. Difficult to wield, it was phased out of use after a number of embarrassing accidents. Ferengi Whip
Where present, each of your Mirror Quadrant personnel and TOS Klingons is INTEGRITY and CUNNING +1. (Cumulative up to +3.)
Rarity: 15 U
Klingon and Romulan use only. Each of your TOS personnel present is STRENGTH +2 (cumulative). Each of your TOSleaders present adds SECURITY.
Rarity: 16 C
Each of your Ferengi present is STRENGTH +2, and in each battle one of them may stun one adversary they just engaged. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: 17 U
Equipment Mirror Dagger Equipment Multidimensional Transport Device Equipment Romulan Cloaking Device
Alternate Universe TOS
Small blade weapon used for personal protection. Ubiquitous in the mirror universe. Quite handy when an unexpected career-advancement opportunity presents itself.
Mirror Dagger Modifies transporter function to allow beaming to an alternate universe. Developed in the mirror universe. Used by Smiley, Professor Sisko, the Intendant, and others to cross over. Multidimensional Transport Device Alternate Universe TOS
23rd-century device based on prototype successfully tested on the Gal Gath'thong. After one was lost to a Federation spy operation in 2268, the technology was revised and enhanced.
Romulan Cloaking Device
Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +1. (Cumulative.) May report to a Mirror Quadrant facility for free OR to a just-initiated personnel battle involving your Mirror Quadrant card(s).
Rarity: 18 C
Reports in Alpha or Mirror Quadrant. Where present, allows transporters to beam to opposite quadrant (anywhere within corresponding location or region), ignoring all SHIELDS.
Rarity: 19 C
Reports only aboard your Romulan ship or to Sherman's Peak. While on your Romulan ship (or your TOS ship with 2 ENGINEER aboard), ship has a Cloaking Device.
Rarity: 20 U
Equipment Self-Sealing Stem Bolts Equipment Stolen Cloaking Device  
Used in producing reverse-ratcheting routing planers. Jake and Nog traded 5,000 wrappages of yamok sauce for 100 gross of stem bolts, which they sold for seven tessipates of Bajoran land. Self-Sealing Stem Bolts Regent Worf detained Zek in the mirror universe, demanding a cloaking device as ransom. To save their Nagus, Quark and Rom stole one from a Klingon ship. General Martok was not pleased. Stolen Cloaking Device  
Once each turn, may be downloaded from draw deck to replace (discard) your other Equipment card at a homeworld (or vice versa if you have any Jake or any Nog present).
Rarity: 21 C
May not report aboard a Mirror Quadrant facility. While on your ship with at least one staffing icon, ship has a Cloaking Device. On a Federation non-Mirror Quadrant ship, to cloak requires Federation Treachery aboard.
Rarity: 22 U


Event 35th Rule of Acquisition Event Blood Screening Event Treaty: Federation/Dominion
"Peace is good for business."
35th Rule of Acquisition Countdown 3
Blood tests are a standard method for exposing changelings. Though infiltrators are eventually found, the random testing engenders distrust among suspicious crew members.
Blood Screening Federation and Dominion forces led by Benjamin Sisko and Weyoun worked together in 2372 to attack renegade Jem'Hadar on Vandros IV and destroy their Iconian gateway. Treaty: Federation/Dominion
Plays on your Acquisition personnel. End of each turn, if no battles were initiated since end of your last turn, download a Gold-Pressed Latinum here OR draw a card. 35th Rule nullifies every 34th Rule, and vice versa, ignoring Scepter.
Rarity: 23 U
Plays on any shape-shifter who is infiltrating; exposed when countdown expires. Crew or Away Team is quarantined and may not pool their skills. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)
Rarity: 24 U
Plays on table (for free if you have Weyoun or Benjamin Sisko in play). Your Federation and Dominion affiliations recognize this treaty. They can now mix and cooperate.
Rarity: 25 C


Cardassian ❖ Alliance Nor Federation Mirror Terok Nor (front) Cardassian Mirror Terok Nor (reverse)
Alliance Mirror Quadrant
Ore mining and processing station representative of facilities used by the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance.
❖ Alliance Nor Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant
Cardassian ore processing facility commandeered by the Terran Rebellion in the mirror universe.
Mirror Terok Nor Alliance Mirror Quadrant
Cardassian ore processing facility controlled by the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance in the mirror universe.
Seeds or plays at any mission in Mirror Quadrant (except in the Badlands Region). DS9 Ops may not seed or play on this Nor.
Cardassian STATION
Rarity: 26 C
Seeds during dilemma phase at Bajor. If commandeered, new controller may flip card over. (Not duplicatable.) Quark's Bar may seed or play on this Nor; DS9 Ops may not.
Federation STATION
Rarity: 27 R+
Seeds at Bajor. If commandeered, new controller may flip card over. (Not duplicatable.) Quark's Bar may seed or play on this Nor; DS9 Ops may not.
Cardassian STATION
Rarity: 27 R+
Federation ❖ Terran Outpost Federation Terran Rebellion HQ Neutral Round ❖ Klingon Empire Outpost
Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant
Hidden enclave and meeting place for the Terran rebels of the mirror universe.
❖ Terran Outpost Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant
Subterranean base of the Terran Rebellion. Hidden on a small planetoid in the treacherous Badlands.
Terran Rebellion HQ Alliance Mirror Quadrant
In the mirror universe, the Klingon Empire is a member of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. The Alliance establishes outposts throughout its territory.
❖ Klingon Empire Outpost
Seed one OR build where you have a Terran Empire ENGINEER. May be seeded or built at Terran Hideout if no headquarters there.
Federation OUTPOST
Rarity: 28 C
Seeds or plays on Terran Hideout; it is now the homeworld of Federation Terran Empire cards. Once per turn, one Terran Empire personnel (except Alternate Universe) OR one HQ card may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: 29 R
Seed one OR build where you have a Alliance ENGINEER.
Rarity: 30 C


Incident Agony Booth Incident Crossover Incident Emblem of the Alliance
  Agony Booth   Crossover   Emblem of the Alliance
Plays on your Mirror Quadrant ship. Once every turn, if ship, its crew, or one of its Away Teams solves a mission or wins a battle against opponent's cards, you may draw up to three cards. But whenever they fail a mission attempt or fail to win such a battle, one of your personnel involved (random selection) must do nothing but return to ship (if not already aboard), then is "stopped."
Rarity: 31 U
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. Once each turn, your Mirror Quadrant personnel may ignore their Mirror Quadrant icon when reporting OR just after you report Smiley, Benjamin Sisko, Professor Sisko, Jake Sisko, Bareil, The Intendant, Grand Nagus Zek, Maihar'du, Ezri, Rom, or Quark, you may download a Multidimensional Transport Device to that personnel (or vice versa, if you reported Device as your normal card play; discard incident).

Rarity: 32 C
Seeds or plays on table; you may download The Art of Diplomacy. Your Alliance cards, Grand Nagus Zek, Maihar'du, Rom, and Quark may mix and have no affiliation attack restrictions. Once each turn, you may report a Alliance personnel for free if you have in play a Alliance leader who names (or is named by) them in lore. Ore Processing Units on Mirror Quadrant Nors are immune to Reactor Overload if 2 ENGINEER present.
Rarity: 33 C
Incident Emblem of the Empire Incident Hostage Trade Incident No Way Out
  Emblem of the Empire   Hostage Trade   No Way Out
Seeds or plays on table; you may download The Art of Diplomacy. Your Terran Empire cards, Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Rom, and Quark may mix and have no affiliation attack restrictions. Your Terran Empire facilities and staffed ships are immune to Navigate Plasma Storms. Ore Processing Unit on Mirror Terok Nor is immune to Reactor Overload if 2 ENGINEER present, and may Process Ore while under Federation control.
Rarity: 34 C
Seeds or plays on table (for free if you hold any captives). (Unique.) Prisoner Exchange and Fajo's Gallery may each be used only once per turn. Where your personnel are escorting captive(s), you may release any or all of them (relocate to owner's crew or Away Team there) and capture an equal number of other personnel there, then discard incident.
Rarity: 35 C
Seeds or plays on table. All personnel must mortally wound and stun their adversaries when possible. Once every turn, if your unique personnel who has 2 Honor or Ketracel White icon is killed in personnel battle, you may discard incident to place them in your point area (worth points equal to printed INTEGRITY; "in play" for uniqueness only).
Rarity: 36 U
Incident The Art of Diplomacy Incident Transporter Mixup  
  The Art of Diplomacy   Transporter Mixup  
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. Your Mirror Quadrant, Maquis, Resistance, and Orion Syndicate personnel who are using a hand weapon may use 2 Treachery as if it were 1 Diplomacy (ignoring reductions from rifles) and, once each turn, may place incident out-of-play to kill one other personnel present. Once per game, you may discard incident to download one hand weapon to one of your personnel who has 2 Treachery.

Rarity: 37 R
Seeds or plays on table. (Unique.) If up to four of your personnel are beaming up from a planet in their native quadrant, you may replace (discard) them by downloading an equal number of others to complete the transport. Each ❖ personnel may be replaced by any ❖ personnel native to opposite quadrant; others may be replaced only by opposite versions of their personas. Discard incident.
Rarity: 38 U


Interrupt I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer Interrupt Vulcan "Death Grip"  
Despite his protestations to Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy treated a grievously wounded Horta. Thermal concrete from the supplies of the starship Enterprise made an excellent wound covering. I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer Vulcan technique which suppresses the life signs of a subject, simulating death until the individual is revived. Spock "killed" his captain in order to prevent Romulans from executing him. Vulcan "Death Grip"  
Nullifies Horta. OR Adds Geology to one MEDICAL personnel until end of turn. OR Once per game, downloads a Geology personnel to your MEDICAL and OFFICER.
Rarity: 39 U
Allows your Vulcan to save your other non-android present who was just mortally wounded or selected to be killed or captured. "Victim" is instead in stasis until end of turn.
Rarity: 40 U


Planet Dilemma Disrupt Alliance Planet Dilemma Feldomite Rush Planet Dilemma Historical Research
Mirror Universe • Bajor Region • Bajor: Conduct sabotage operations on Bajoran homeworld.

SECURITY + CUNNING>30 + 2 Terran Empire leaders OR Captain Bashir
When seeded, you may download one Emblem card
Opponent's side: No Gametext.
Disrupt Alliance Parsion III: Stake claim and exploit rich feldomite deposits recently struck here.

Geology + Greed + (Treachery x3 OR Law)
Feldomite Rush Gateway: Witness historical events first hand using the Guardian of Forever.

Anthropology x2 + Archaeology x2 + (Honor OR Treachery)
When seeded, you may download The Guardian of Forever.

Opponent's side: No gametext.
Historical Research
Federation Mission Noon-Aligned Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 30  Span: 4  Mirror Quadrant
Rarity: 41 U
Any Away Team may attempt mission.
Points: 35  Span: 3
Rarity: 42 U
Any Away Team may attempt mission.
Points: 40  Span: 4
Rarity: 43 U
Planet Dilemma Mine Dilithium Planet Dilemma Search for Rebels  
Mirror Universe • Halkan Planet: Replenish dilithium supply from world conquered decades ago.

Geology + Transporter Skill
Solving player's ships are RANGE +1.
Mine Dilithium Mirror Universe • Badlands Region • Terran Hideout: Locate secret base of escaped slaves.

SECURITY + CUNNING>30 + 2 Wormhole leaders OR Professor Sisko
When seeded, you may download one Emblem card.

Opponent's side: No gametext.
Search for Rebels  
Federation Mission Klingon Mission Noon-Aligned Mission Cardassian Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3  Mirror Quadrant
Rarity: 44 U
Klingon Mission Cardassian Mission Bajoran Mission  Points: 30  Span: 4  Mirror Quadrant
Rarity: 45 U


Objective Construct Starship Objective For Cardassia! Objective The Emperor's New Cloak
  Construct Starship   For Cardassia!   The Emperor's New Cloak
Seeds or plays on table. In place of your normal card play, you may download any outpost or headquarters (if you have a matching ENGINEER at an appropriate location) OR download Spacedock (even to a docking site) OR download a unique ship to your facility that has a Spacedock (if you have an ENGINEER aboard who is that ship's matching commander). Discard objective OR draw no cards this turn.
Rarity: 46 R
Plays on your Legate (for free if they have Honor). All your Cardassians present are INTEGRITY and STRENGTH +2. When that Legate helps complete HQ: Secure Homeworld at Cardassia Prime, you may discard objective: download two Cardassians who have Honor OR once per game, place Legate and two other Cardassians who have Honor from that Away Team out-of-play to score points.
Points: 15
Rarity: 47 U
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. Your Treachery personnel may steal unattended Equipment cards present and, if aboard an opponent's ship that has Cloaking Device, may place objective on ship: it may not be cloaked; steal a Cloaking Device Equipment card aboard or download your own aboard. (If you bring Device aboard any Enterprise or same ship as Regent Worf, discard objective and score points.)
Points: 10
Rarity: 48 U


Bajoran Bareil Bajoran Commander Leeta Bajoran ❖ Gantt
Staff Wormhole Orb Mirror Quadrant CIVILIAN
Skilled thief and decryption expert. Bareil Antos was romantically involved with both the Intendant and Kira Nerys, who gave him an Orb experience.
Bareil Staff Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant SECURITY
is one of the few Bajorans in the mirror universe to join the Terran Rebellion. Responsible for debriefing Ezri following the cloaking device affair.
Commander Leeta Staff Alternate Universe MEDICAL
Typical member of Shakaar resistance cell. Cared for the mortally wounded Kira Taban. Now a part of Kira Nerys' memories of her father's death.
❖ Gantt
Red Dot Computer Skill x2 Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Biology Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Treachery Download Any Equipment card


Rarity: 49 R+
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Youth
Download Mission Debriefing


Rarity: 50 R
Red Dot Resistance Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Youth


Rarity: 51 C
Bajoran ❖ Javek Len Bajoran ❖ Romara Cal Bajoran ❖ Taymar Bern
Wormhole Mirror Quadrant CIVILIAN
One of many Bajoran nationals living aboard Terok Nor. The Intendant, quite a fan of his talents, often invites him to perform at special functions.
❖ Javek Len Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant MEDICAL
Typical of personal physicians employed by important Alliance officials. Assigned to the Intendant. Surprised at how frequently she comes in for an exam.
❖ Romara Cal Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant SECURITY
Representative of security officers serving in the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. Part of the Intendant's elite assault team. Helped track down Professor Sisko.
❖ Taymar Bern
Red Dot Music Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Astrophysics


Rarity: 52 C
Red Dot Biology Red Dot Physics


Rarity: 54 C
Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: 55 C
Bajoran The Intendant  
Command Wormhole Mirror Quadrant V.I.P.
Kira Nerys commands Terok Nor in the mirror universe. Enjoys being intimate with her friends – and enemies.
The Intendant  
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Exobiology
Red Dot May replace anyone present who was just targeted by any gender-related dilemma. Red Dot Treachery x2


Rarity: 56 R+


BajoranCardassian Overseer Odo  
Command Wormhole Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
The mirror version of Odo supervises ore processing on Terok Nor. Has strict rules of obedience. The only changeling his contemporaries have ever seen.
Overseer Odo  
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Geology
Red Dot Computer Skill Download Process Ore


Rarity: 53 R+


Borg Weyoun of Borg  
Subcommand Command Subcommand Navigation Subcommand Defense Delta Quadrant Alternate Universe
Assimilated counterpart who spoke to the Dominion in a parallel universe. "The knowledge and experience of the Vorta – Weyoun – is part of us now.".
Weyoun of Borg  
Red Dot V.I.P. Red Dot Diplomacy x2 Red Dot Leadership
Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Law Red Dot Biology
Red Dot While on your ship, WEAPONS and SHIELDS +4 against Dominion.


Rarity: 57 R+


Cardassian ❖ Aramax Cardassian ❖ Dorza Cardassian Overseer Mardel
Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant MEDICAL
Representative of Cardassians in the mirror universe. Strives to be noticed – without raising the ire of Security Chief Garak. Has done neither thus far.
❖ Aramax Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant SCIENCE
Female Cardassian in the mirror universe. Science officer aboard Terok Nor. Occasionally keeps high-profile visitors under surveillance for the Intendant.
❖ Dorza Command Wormhole Mirror Quadrant ENGINEER
Overseer of ore processing on Terok Nor in the mirror universe. Less demanding than his predecessor, Overseer Odo, but just as hated by the Terran slaves.
Overseer Mardel
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Greed


Rarity: 58 C
Red Dot Biology Red Dot Stellar Cartography


Rarity: 59 C
Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Geology


Rarity: 60 U
Cardassian Security Chief Garak Cardassian Thrax  
Command Wormhole Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Although the mirror universe Elim Garak hates the Intendant, he is still able to please her now and then. Not Regent Worf's type.
Security Chief Garak Command Alternate Universe SECURITY
Cardassian forensics expert briefly stationed on Terok Nor during the occupation. Odo's impressions of him were superimposed over a dark memory from his past.
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Biology
Red Dot Treachery x2 Download Any Cardassian Equipment card


Rarity: 61 R+
Red Dot Physics Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Law
Red Dot Computer Skill


Rarity: 62 U


Dominion Luaran  
Command Gamma Quadrant SCIENCE
Female Vorta who supervised the installation of Breen weaponry on Dominion ships. Hopes one day her service will bring her to the Founder Leader's attention.
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Biology Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Physics
Red Dot May report aboard your Enhanced Attack Ship.


Rarity: 63 R


Federation Captain Bashir Federation Captain Dax Federation Chief Engineer Scott
Command Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Hot-headed Terran rebel. Julian Bashir interrogated and tortured the Intendant. One of many "captains" fighting to overthrow the Alliance.
Captain Bashir Staff Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Aggressive, roguish Trill. Host to Dax symbiont. Once the mistress of Mr. Sisko, Jadzia Dax is now romantically involved with Captain Bashir.
Captain Dax Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS ENGINEER
Mr. Scott
is chief engineer of the I.S.S. Enterprise. A relentless taskmaster. His department has the highest rate of turnover on the ship.
Chief Engineer Scott
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Biology
Red Dot Smugglingg Download Interrogation OR Torture


Rarity: 64 R+
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Archaeology
Red Dot Geology Red Dot Leadership Download Evasive Maneuvers


Rarity: 65 R+
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Transporter Skill Red Dot Stellar Cartography
Red Dot If on a Mirror Quadrant TOS ship, it is attributes all +2. Red Dot Physics


Rarity: 66 R+
Federation Chief Navigator Chekov Federation Chief Surgeon McCoy Federation Comm Officer Uhura
Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS OFFICER
Ensign Chekov
arranged an attack on his captain in the hopes of moving up in rank. Spent time in the I.S.S. Enterprise agony booth for his misguided ambition.
Chief Navigator Chekov Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS MEDICAL
I.S.S. Enterprise chief medical officer. Dr. McCoy runs one of the most feared sickbays in the Empire. Never loses a subject before completing their interrogation.
Chief Surgeon McCoy Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS OFFICER
Communications officer aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise. Lt. Uhura is the object of Security Chief Sulu's constant advances. Knows how to handle him.
Comm Officer Uhura
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Treachery Download Navigation Download Astrophysics
Download If on I.S.S. Enterprise, it is RANGE and WEAPONS +1.


Rarity: 67 R+
Red Dot MEDICAL Download Exobiology Download Biology
Download Treachery Download Classic Medical Tricorder


Rarity: 68 R+
Red Dot Youth Download ENGINEER Download Computer Skill
Download Anthropology Download Treachery Download Mirror Dagger


Rarity: 69 R+
Federation ❖ Crewman Wilson Federation Dr. Farallon Federation ❖ Ensign Davis
Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS SCEINCE
Typical crewman on the I.S.S. Enterprise. Seeks any opportunity to be made an officer. Isn't likely to find one on Kirk's ship.
❖ Crewman Wilson Staff SCIENCE
Female humanoid from Tyrus VIIA. Scientist who invented the particle fountain mining system. Also developed exocomps.
Dr. Farallon Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS SECURITY
Security guard aboard I.S.S. Enterprise. Easily dispatched by Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott with the old "you distract him, I'll hit him with the hypo" trick.
❖ Ensign Davis
Red Dot Treachery Download Stellar Cartography


Rarity: 70 C
Red Dot ENGINEER Download Physics Download Exocomp
Download Doubles all Particle Fountains in your point area.


Rarity: 71 R
Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: 72 C
Federation ❖ Ensign Gaffney Federation First Officer Spock Federation Jake Sisko
Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS SECURITY
Dedicated crewman aboard I.S.S. Enterprise. Abandoned a promising career in the sciences for the greater advancement opportunities in security.
❖ Ensign Gaffney Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS SCIENCE
½ Vulcan, ½ human. History will record that Mr. Spock rose to command the I.S.S. Enterprise, then reformed the Empire and ultimately caused its downfall.
First Officer Spock Staff Dominion Infiltrator CIVILIAN
Federation News Service correspondent – and spy – during the Dominion War. Has his sources.
Jake Sisko
Red Dot Geology Download Astrophysics


Rarity: 73 C
Red Dot OFFICER Download Mindmeld Download Diplomacy x2 Download Honor
Download Transporter Skill Download Any TOS Equipment card


Rarity: 74 UR
Red Dot Once each turn, if any PADD present, may peek at top card of any deck OR file a mission report at any site.
Download Youth Download Biology Download File Mission Report


Rarity: 75 R+
Federation James Tiberius Kirk Federation Lt. Kyle Federation Lt. Moreau
Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS OFFICER
The ruthless Captain Kirk took command of the I.S.S. Enterprise by assassinating Captain Pike. Uses the deadly Tantalus Field to maintain his controL.
James Tiberius Kirk Staff Alternate Universe TOS ENGINEER
John Kyle is relief helmsman and transporter technician aboard starship Enterprise. Born in Sheffield, England. Holds level 2 pilot certificate. Studies alien graphology.
Lt. Kyle Staff Alternate Universe TOS SCIENCE
Scientist recently assigned to the starship Enterprise. According to Captain Kirk, she seems like a "nice, likeable girl." He thinks they could become friends.
Lt. Moreau
Red Dot Leadership x2 Download Treachery x2 Download Archaeology
Download Tantalus Field Download Classic Communicator


Rarity: 76 R+
Red Dot Navigation Download Transporter Skill Download Anthropology


Rarity: 77 U
Red Dot Physics Download Stellar Cartography


Rarity: 78 U
Federation ❖ Marauder Federation Marlena Moreau Federation ❖ Mr. Andrews
Staff Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Terran rebel who faithfully followed Mr. Sisko for many years. Lost an eye in a dangerous stunt.
❖ Marauder Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS SCIENCE
The mirror version of Lt. Moreau is assigned to the I.S.S. Enterprise chem lab. Romantically involved with James Tiberius Kirk. Likes being a "captain's woman."
Marlena Moreau Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant CIVILIAN
Former Terran slave on Terok Nor in the mirror universe. Liberated when the Rebellion seized control in 2372.
Red Dot Computer Skill Download Exobiology


Rarity: 79 C
Red Dot Biology Download Physics Download Treachery
Download Anthropology Download Classic Tricorder


Rarity: 80 R+
Red Dot Biology Download MEDICAL


Rarity: 81 C
Federation Mr. Tuvok Federation Nurse Chapel Federation Security Chief Sulu
Staff Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Vulcan in the mirror universe. Tuvok is a member of the rebellion that grew from the former Terran Empire. Still doesn't smile.
Mr. Tuvok Staff Alternate Universe TOS MEDICAL
Christine Chapel is head nurse of the starship Enterprise. Holds degrees in medical archaeology and biological research. Hopelessly attracted to Mr. Spock.
Nurse Chapel Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS OFFICER
The mirror universe equivalent of Lt. Sulu is chief of security and second officer aboard I.S.S. Enterprise. Desires command of both the ship and Uhura.
Security Chief Sulu
Red Dot MEDICAL Download Mindmeld Download Exobiology
Download Vulcan Mindmeld


Rarity: 82 R
Red Dot Biology Download Archaeology Download Exobiology
Download Reports for free if Dr. McCoy or Mr. Spock in play.


Rarity: 83 R+
Red Dot SECURITY Download Biology Download Computer Skill
Download Navigation Download Treachery Download Classic Type II Phaser


Rarity: 85 R+
Federation Smiley Federation Transporter Chief Kyle  
Command Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant ENGINEER
Second leader of the Terran Rebellion. Miles O'Brien commanded the Defiant, which he helped construct using plans stolen from Deep Space 9.
Smiley Staff Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS ENGINEER
Transporter chief aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise. Lt. Kyle was punished by First Officer Spock for failing to compensate for a transporter malfunction in 2267.
Transporter Chief Kyle  
Red Dot Navigation Download Transporter Skill Download Leadership
Download Anthropology Download Construct Starship OR Crossover


Rarity: 86 R+
Red Dot Computer Skill Download Transporter Skill Download Archaeology
Download Agonizer


Rarity: 87 U


FederationFerengi Prot  
Staff Alternate Universe Barash OFFICER
Ferengi ensign who manned the conn station in Barash's illusion. Riker thought him one of the few elements of the simulation he could get used to.
Red Dot Youth Download Archaeology Download Navigation
Download Geology


Rarity: 84 U


Ferengi Mr. Brunt Ferengi Mr. Nog Ferengi Mr. Quark
Staff Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant ENGINEER
Ferengi mercenary. Very good engineer and cook. Brunt is loyal to his partner, Ezri, with whom he is secretly infatuated. Unfortunately, he's not her type.
Mr. Brunt Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant CIVILIAN
is thankful to the Intendant for making him the bartender and owner of his uncle's bar. Distrusts tall men. Likes tall women.
Mr. Nog Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant CIVILIAN
Bartender who pretends to work for the Alliance. Quark secretly helps Terran slaves escape from Terok Nor.
Mr. Quark
Red Dot Computer Skill Download Navigation Download Honor
Download Archaeology
Download When he leaves play, may download Mr. Quark.


Rarity: 88 R+
Red Dot ENGINEER Download Greed Download Physics Download Treachery
Download Bribery
Download When he leaves play, may download Mr. Brunt.


Rarity: 89 R+
Red Dot Smuggling Download Honor Download Computer Skill x2
Download Anthropology Download Diplomacy Download Rescue Captives
Download When he leaves play, may download Mr. Rom.


Rarity: 90 R+
Ferengi Mr. Rom  
Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant CIVILIAN
Ferengi soldier in the Terran Rebellion. The mirror version of Rom seeks vengeance against the Alliance.
Mr. Rom  
Red Dot SCIENCE Download Navigation x2 Download Physics Download Geology
Download When he leaves play, may download Mr. Nog.


Rarity: 91 R+


Klingon ❖ Korvek Klingon ❖ Loreva Klingon Regent Worf
Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Typical section head in Regent Worf's crew. Frequent target of the Regent's temperamental outbursts. Finds being a bridge officer to be a mixed blessing.
❖ Korvek Wormhole Mirror Quadrant MEDICAL
Female Klingon representative of medical assistants throughout the Alliance. Sees very few patients, but has assisted in countless interrogations and autopsies.
❖ Loreva Command Wormhole Mirror Quadrant V.I.P.
Commander in chief of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance, General Worf rules with an iron fist – often literally.
Regent Worf
Red Dot Computer Skill Download Transporter Skill Download Archaeology


Rarity: 92 C
Red Dot Exobiology


Rarity: 93 C
Red Dot OFFICER Download Treachery Download Leadership Download Navigation
Download On a Wormhole ship, may select any matching Wormhole personnel aboard as its matching commander. Download Make It So


Rarity: 94 R+
Klingon Rinox Klingon Rukor Klingon ❖ T'Vor
Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Oafish crewman serving Regent Worf. Keeper of the key to Security Chief Garak's restraining collar. Accused the Cardassian of stealing it. Found it in his own boot.
Rinox Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Chief helmsman aboard Regency 1. Survivor of several Badlands expeditions in search of the rebel stronghold – more than any other pilot in the Allianc
❖ Rukor Staff Wormhole Mirror Quadrant SCIENCE
Science officer in the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. Assigned to Terok Nor. Finds the station rife with gossip, backstabbing, and treachery. Likes it that way.
❖ T'Vor
Red Dot ENGINEER Download Archaeology Download Treachery
Download Prisoner Escort


Rarity: 95 U
Red Dot Navigation x2 Download Astrophysics


Rarity: 96 U
Red Dot Geology Download Stellar Cartography


Rarity: 97 C
Klingon Telok Klingon ❖ Vartoq  
Command Wormhole Mirror Quadrant SECURITY
Served for four years as a bodyguard in the house of Duras. Took a position aboard Terok Nor to escape the unpredictable demands of Lursa and B'Etor.
Telok Command Wormhole Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
First officer of the Alliance battle cruiser that intercepted Kira and Bashir's runabout when they first crossed over to the mirror universe.
❖ Vartoq  
Red Dot Leadership Download Computer Skill Download Treachery
Download Stellar Cartography


Rarity: 98 U
Red Dot Biology Download Transporter Skill


Rarity: 99 C


Non-Aligned Balok Non-Aligned Dr. Roger Korby Non-Aligned Ezri
Command Alternate Universe TOS OFFICER
Humanoid envoy from the First Federation. Gentle, benevolent, and mature adult male, despite his youthful appearance. Enjoys drinking tranya.
Balok Alternate Universe TOS MEDICAL
"The Pasteur of archeological medicine." Christine Chapel's missing fiancé. Disappeared on Exo III. Before dying, placed his consciousness in this android body.
Dr. Roger Korby Staff Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant OFFICER
Trill mercenary in the mirror universe. Unlike Ezri Dax, this Ezri is not joined to a symbiont. Partners with Mr. Brunt. Romantically involved with the Intendant.
Red Dot Diplomacy Download Honor Download Leadership


Rarity: 100 U
Red Dot Archaeology Download Computer Skill Download Cybernetics
Download Scorched Hand


Rarity: 101 U
Red Dot SCIENCE Download Transporter Skill Download Leadership
Download Geology Download Stellar Cartography Download Crossover


Rarity: 102 R+
Non-Aligned ✶ Fontaine Non-Aligned Mr. Sisko Non-Aligned Professor Sisko
Staff Mirror Quadrant CIVILIAN
Enigmatic Terran rebel. In the mirror universe, Vic Fontaine inexplicably fights other Terran rebels. Even more inexplicably, he is not a hologram.
✶ Fontaine Command Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant SECURITY
After years collecting duties for (and being romantically involved with) the Intendant, the mirror Benjamin Sisko became leader of the Terran Rebellion.
Mr. Sisko Staff Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant SCIENCE
Scientist who abandoned her work for the Alliance to join the Rebellion at the urging of Benjamin Sisko. Bonded with Jake, the son she would never have.
Professor Sisko
Red Dot Navigation Download Astrophysics Download MEDICAL Download Music
Download Two disruptors (each must add STRENGTH +2).


Rarity: 103 R+
Red Dot Leadership x2 Download Biology Download Navigation Download Honor
Download Your Terran Empire personnel (except Alternate Universe) are attributes all +1.


Rarity: 104 R+
Red Dot ENGINEER Download Astrophysics Download Physics
Download Any Sisko may report where present (for free if Jake).


Rarity: 105 R+
Non-Aligned Ruk Non-Aligned Thomas Paris Non-Aligned Wyatt Earp
Staff Alternate Universe TOS SECURITY
Android created millennia ago by the Old Ones of Exo III. Used by Roger Korby as a bodyguard. Occasionally circumvents his programming. Mysterious and spooky.
Ruk Staff Alternate Universe CIVILIAN
Convicted traitor. Maquis sympathizer. Best pilot Harry Kim has ever seen. In an alternate reality, a bar fight cost Tom Paris his future aboard the U.S.S. Voyager.
Thomas Paris Alternate Universe TOS SECURITY
Famous lawman, gunfighter, and gambler. Reportedly never passed up an opportunity to earn money. Killed only when he had to. Recreated by the Melkotians.
Wyatt Earp
Red Dot ENGINEER Download Exobiology Download Geology


Rarity: 106 R
Red Dot Navigation x2 Download Transporter Skill Download SECURITY
Download Treachery (May convert to Honor for rest of game).


Rarity: 107 R
Red Dot Law Download Leadership Download Acquisition
Download Captured (immediately target a Treachery personnel).


Rarity: 108 U


Romulan Commander Charvanek Romulan ❖ D'vano Romulan ❖ Gorrus
Command Alternate Universe TOS OFFICER
Female commander of a fleet that intercepted starship Enterprise in 2268. Sought the heart of Mr. Spock.
Commander Charvanek Staff Alternate Universe TOS MEDICAL
Typical of mid-23rd century Romulan medical staff. Authored several papers studying the effects of cloaking fields and other technology on Romulan physiology.
❖ D'vano Staff Alternate Universe TOS SECURITY
Representative security officer serving in the Romulan military, circa 2268. One of two men sent to starship Enterprise in exchange for Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.
❖ Gorrus
Red Dot SCIENCE Download Diplomacy Download Physics Download Archaeology
Download Once in play, X = 3 on every Patrol Neutral Zone mission (even if already solved).


Rarity: 109 R+
Red Dot Computer Skill Download Transporter Skill Download Biology


Rarity: 110 C
Red Dot Navigation


Rarity: 111 C
Romulan Subcommander Tal Romulan ❖ Tagus  
Command Alternate Universe TOS OFFICER
First officer serving under Commander Charvanek. Traced a communication signal that led to the discovery of Federation spies aboard his ship.
Subcommander Tal Staff SECURITY
Representative security officer serving in the Romulan military. Assigned to bodyguard duties in the capital city on Romulus.
❖ Tagus  
Red Dot SECURITY Download Computer Skill Download Anthropology
Download Intruder Alert! OR Classic Disruptor


Rarity: 112 U
Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: 113 C


Bajoran ❖ Alliance Interceptor Bajoran ❖ Bajoran Warship  
Wormhole Mirror Quadrant INTERCEPTOR CLASS
Bajoran short-range interceptor used in the mirror universe. One of the few military contributions Bajor offers the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance.
❖ Alliance Interceptor Alternate Universe WARSHIP CLASS
In a parallel universe, the Bajorans grew increasingly hostile after overthrowing the Cardassian Empire. This massive ship attacked the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2370.
❖ Bajoran Warship  
Wormhole May take off or land once each turn. X=4 if moving within a region.


Rarity: 114 C
Alternate Universe Command Staff Cloaking Device, Holodeck, TractorBeam


Rarity: 115 R


Cardassian ❖ Alliance Galor  
Typical Cardassian warship in the mirror universe. Type 3 designation. Part of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance fleet. Stationed at Terok Nor.
❖ Alliance Galor  
Command Wormhole Tractor Beam


Rarity: 116 C


Dominion ❖ Enhanced Attack Ship  
Jem'Hadar attack ship constructed in Alpha Quadrant. One of the first Dominion fighter craft upgraded with Breen energy-dampening technology in 2375.
❖ Enhanced Attack Ship  
Staff Energy Dampener, Invasive Transporters


Rarity: 117 U


Federation Defiant Federation ❖ I.S.S. Constitution Federation I.S.S. Enterprise
Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant DEFIANT CLASS
Constructed by the Terran Rebellion using stolen plans of the U.S.S. Defiant. Commanded by Benjamin Sisko during the defense of rebel-held Terok Nor.
Defiant Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS CONSTITUTION CLASS
Typical battle cruiser of the Terran Empire. Outfitted for a variety of mission profiles, including conquest, domination, subjugation, and Imperial enforcement.
❖ I.S.S. Constitution Alternate Universe Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant TOS CONSTITUTION CLASS
Imperial starship. Credited with many successful and profitable missions. I.S.S. Enterprise officers are frequenty promoted – usually through assassination.
I.S.S. Enterprise
Command Terran Empire Tractor Beam (cannot carry ships aboard except shuttlepods)


Rarity: 118 R
Terran Empire Tractor Beam Download Any ❖ Terran Empire TOS personnel


Rarity: 119 C
Terran Empire Tractor Beam Download Any ❖ Terran Empire TOS personnel


Rarity: 120 R+
Federation ❖ Rebel Interceptor Federation ❖ Type 18 Shuttlepod  
Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant INTERCEPTOR CLASS
Interceptor/fighter used by Terran rebels in the mirror universe. Typically stolen from the Bajorans. Smiley enhanced and commanded this one.
❖ Rebel Interceptor SHUTTLEPOD
Small shuttlecraft. One commanded by Benjamin Sisko guided a silithium comet through the Bajoran wormhole.
Terran Empire May take off or land once each turn. X=3 if moving within a region.


Rarity: 121 C
Holds two personnel. Has no transporters.
  May report with crew (each must have Navigation) to your Defiant-class ship.


Rarity: 122 U


Ferengi ❖ Mirror Ferengi Shuttle  
Wormhole Terran Empire Mirror Quadrant SHUTTLECRAFT
Typical Ferengi shuttle in the mirror universe. Used by agents working for the Alliance or the Rebellion – or both. Mr. Brunt commanded one.
❖ Mirror Ferengi Shuttle  
  Your Mirror Quadrant Ferengi and Ezri may report aboard (if Mr. Brunt, reports for free).


Rarity: 123 U


Klingon ❖ Alliance K'Vort Klingon ❖ Alliance Vor'Cha Klingon I.K.C. Ki'tang
Wormhole Mirror Quadrant K'VORT CLASS
Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Standard patrol and pursuit craft of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. One of the most expendable elements of the Regent's fleet.
❖ Alliance K'Vort Wormhole Mirror Quadrant VOR'CHA CLASS
Fast and powerful battle cruiser. Backbone of the Alliance fleet. Their only weakness is in their targeting systems; they've been known to chase warp shadows.
❖ Alliance Vor'Cha K'VORT CLASS
Klingon Bird-of-Prey that fought in the Dominion War. Immune to the Breen energy-dampening weapon due to a fortuitous tritium intermix adjustment.
I.K.C. Ki'tang
Wormhole Tractor Beam


Rarity: 124 C
Command Staff Wormhole Tractor Beam


Rarity: 125 C
Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam Download Intermix Ratio


Rarity: 126 U
Klingon Regency 1  
Wormhole Mirror Quadrant NEGH'VAR CLASS
Massive flagship of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. Commanded by Regent Worf. Has a stolen cloaking device installed – and sabotaged – by Rom.
Regency 1  
Command Staff Staff Wormhole Tractor Beam Download Stolen Cloaking Device


Rarity: 127 R


Non-Aligned Fesarius  
Alternate Universe TOS UNKNOWN CLASS
Immense spherical vessel. Flagship of the First Federation. Commanded by Balok.
Has Federation attack restriction.
Balok Your Balok may report aboard (for free). Tractor Beam


Rarity: 128 R


RomulanKlingon ❖ Battle Cruiser  
Alternate Universe TOS D-7 CLASS
Klingon battle cruiser, circa 2267. Some were provided to the Romulan Star Empire in exchange for cloaking technology. Commander Charvanek captained one.
❖ Battle Cruiser  
Alternate Universe Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam Download Any ❖ [OS] Klingon or Romulan


Rarity: 129 C


Site Ops: Mirror Universe  
  Ops: Mirror Universe  
Cards with same Wormhole or Terran Empire icon as this Nor are considered to match its affiliation for purposes related to its sites. Compatible OFFICER-classification personnel may report here. Any player may, in place of their normal card play, download to an unopposed site on this station one card which may play there (if reporting a ship or personnel, must be of matching affiliation); player draws no cards that turn. Any Computer Skill personnel unopposed here may commandeer station.
Any Mirror Quadrant Nor  Ops Module

Rarity: 130 C


Romulan Halkan Council  
Mirror Universe • 2267 Halkan Planet: Site of dilithium deposits and obstinate inhabitants. Halkan Council  
Mirror Quadrant
Seeds or plays on table; any players may download one Mirror Quadrant Constitution-class ship here. Native to this timeline: all cards with both TOS icon and Mirror Quadrant icon, and all TOS Equipment cards. Once per turn, one such card reporting at this location may report for free.
Rarity: 131 R
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