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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - The Fajo Collection

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition The Fajo Collection  

The Fajo Collection was released as a direct order product from Decipher (via Eccentric Order). It consists of 18 "Super-Rare" cards and comes in a custom-made binder and slip-case. Included along with the cards were a piece of bubble gum to accompany the 1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card, facsimile Dixon Hill "business card" to accompany the Dixon Hill's Business Card, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, the rules, a poster of all cards released to date and rebate vouchers for the uncut sheets of Premiere White Border and Black Border cards. Production was limited to 40,000 sets, but considered this a first-run. Decipher retained the right to reproduce the set, but with enough differences that it can't be confused with the initial run.

There are 13 different copyright lines on these 18 cards:
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. r TM & © 1997 DECIPHER © 1997 MLB (1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. s TM & © 1997 DECIPHER © 1997 D.P.A. / ARS, NY (Persistance of Memory)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. t TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (DNA Metamorphosis)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. e TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Black Hole, Guinan, Kivas Fajo)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. g TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Dixon Hill, Tallera)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. t TM & © 1997 ngoqDaq QayHa' (Qapla'!)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. r TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Locutus of Borg)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. o TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Miles O'Brien)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. t TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Dr. Soong)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. h TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Lore)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. a TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Spot, U.S.S. Pasteur, I.K.C. Chang)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. m TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Sisters of Duras)
TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC. f TM & © 1997 DECIPHER INC. (Picard's Artificial Heart)

Thanks to Matthé van Vliet for the following: If you view the cards in the folder as they were originally inserted sideways with the left page topmost, the single letters on the copyright lines read, from left to right and down, "the art of great games", which is the tagline from Decipher.




Artifact 1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card Artifact Persistence of Memory Space/Planet Dilemma DNA Metamorphosis
One-of-a-kind trading card. Collectible icon of an ancient professional sport once played on Earth. Owned by Kivas Fajo. Still retains its original bubble gum aroma 1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card Surreal 1931 Salvador Dali painting stolen by Kivas Fajo. Persistence of Memory Geordi La Forge was infected with alien DNA. Transformed into an invisible reptilian humanoid, he was observable only when scanned with ultraviolet light. DNA Metamorphosis
Immediately play on table. During your turn, you may trade this artifact for any opponent's artifact in play. Players must immediately play traded cards as their own. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: P
Place in hand until played at any time on Horga'hn OR Thought Maker OR Mona Lisa OR Static Warp Bubble OR Kivas Fajo - Collector OR The Traveler: Transcendence OR "Devidian Door" OR Supernova OR Black Hole OR Anti-Time Anomaly. Reverses that card. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: P
Place on one personnel present (random selection). At the end of your next turn, unless MEDICAL and I.P. Scanner present, that personnel is placed in stasis.
Rarity: P




Doorway Black Hole Interrupt Qapla'! Interrupt/Event Dixon Hill's Business Card
  Black Hole When threatened, fight. When in doubt, surprise them. Brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight. Real power is in the heart. A Klingon does not run away from his battles. Qapla'!   Dixon Hill's Business Card
Plays between two adjacent ❖ Space missions. Creates a location with span of 1. End of every turn, "pulls in" (destroys) all other cards here. Every four full turns, also pulls in one adjacent spaceline location (including all cards there). Alternates, first pulling in the location on your left, then the one on your right, and so on. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: P
If an opponent attacks you, during that battle your Klingons with Honor add INTEGRITY to STRENGTH. (Not cumulative.)
Rarity: P
Interrupt If any mug (what ain't Swedish) just got iced and there weren't no witnesses, finger any udda mug what's woikin' for da same boss. Put da bag on 'im.
Event Plays on da table. The udda boss' next mug what shows up has gotta be univoisal or hologrammatical, den put dis card outta commission. (No duplicatin' dis here event.)

Rarity: P




Borg Locutus of Borg Federation Guinan Federation Miles O'Brien
Subcommand Command Subcommand Navigation Subcommand Defense
Assimilated counterpart who spoke to the Federation. "The knowledge and experience of the human – Jean-Luc Picard – is part of us now."
Locutus of Borg Staff CIVILIAN
500-year-old El-Aurian. U.S.S. Enterprise bartender. Trusted advisor and confidant of Jean-Luc Picard.
Guinan Staff ENGINEER
Transporter chief. Conn and Tactical expert. Loathes "Cardies." Plays cello. Loves Keiko. Begat Molly.
Miles O'Brien
Red Dot OFFICER Red Dot Diplomacy x2 Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot Music
Red Dot While on your ship, WEAPONS and SHIELDS +4 against Federation.


Rarity: P
Red Dot Once per turn, may nullify any Alternatue Universe or Q icon interrupt, event or dilemma where present.
Red Dot If on any Enterprise, doubles Captain's Log there.


Rarity: P
Does not work with Cardassians.
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Transporter Skill x2 Red Dot Music
Red Dot Navigation Download Near-Warp Transport


Rarity: P




Neutral Spot Non-Aligned Dr. Soong Non-Aligned Kivas Fajo
Female cat who lives aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Sometimes mistaken for a male. Finicky gourmet. Has refused over 74 different feline supplements.
Spot Staff Nemesis Y R SCIENCE
Reclusive genius who perfected the positronic brain originally proposed in the 20th century. Ex-husband of Juliana. "Father" of the androids Data and Lore.
Dr. Soong Command CIVILIAN
Unscrupulous, murderous, conceited Zibalian trader. Collector. Notorious member of Stacius Trade Guild.
Kivas Fajo
Red Dot Has 9 lives ("stopped" when killed first 8 times).
Red Dot * Once every turn, may "pounce" to disable until end of turn any one personnel present (and herself).


Rarity: P
Red Dot Cybernetics x2 Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot ENGINEER
Red Dot Once each turn, may reprogram any androids present.


Rarity: P
Red Dot Greed x2 Red Dot Acquisition Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Each unduplicated artifact present is worth 5 points.
Red Dot Makes parallel use of opponent's Palor Toff cards.


Rarity: P




Non-Aligned Lore RomulanFederationNon-Aligned Tallera RomulanKlingon Sisters of Duras
Command Nemesis Y L CIVILIAN
Evil Soong-type android. Data's "elder brother.".
Lore Command SECURITY
Female Romulan mercenary. In reality a physically altered Vulcan isolationist seeking the Stone of Gol.
Tallera Staff Staff V.I.P.+V.I.P.
Lursa and B'Etor, like their father before them, collaborated with the Romulan Star Empire.
Sisters of Duras
Does not work with Federation affiliation.
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Treachery x2 
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Transporter Skill Red Dot Leadership 
Red Dot Doubles all Rogue Borg and Crystalline Entities in play.


Rarity: P
Does not work with other Federation affiliation personnel.
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Mindmeld
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: P
Do not work with Klingons who have Honor.
Lursa: Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Geology Red Dot Greed
B'Etor: Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Physics Red Dot Youth Red Dot Greed


Rarity: P




Q Picard's Artificial Heart Federation U.S.S. Pasteur Klingon I.K.C. Chang
"You might have lived if you'd had a real one, instead of this unreliable piece of technology." Picard's Artificial Heart Alternatue Universe Nemesis Y R OLYMPIC CLASS
Medical relief vessel. Starfleet registry NCC-58928. Captained by Beverly Picard in an alternate future.
U.S.S. Pasteur Alternatue Universe Nemesis Y L VOODIEH CLASS
Patrolled the Devron system with sister ship I.K.C. Fek'lhr. Formerly commanded by Governor Worf.
I.K.C. Chang
Immediately seed under this mission (even if a space mission). When mission completed (or scouted), owner places in hand until played as an Interrupt card, once per game, on any one personnel in play. That personnel dies whenever that personnel's STRENGTH is used. (May be nullified only by Katherine Pulaski, if present.)
Rarity: P
Alternatue Universe Command Staff Holodeck, Tractor Beam, MEDICAL
If your Future Enterprise in play, it has a Nemesis Y R icon and reduces its staffing by one Alternatue Universe icon.


Alternatue Universe Alternatue Universe Command Staff Cloaking Device, Holodeck, Tractor Beam
If your I.K.C. Fek'lhr in play, it has a Nemesis Y L icon and both ships reduce staffing by one Alternatue Universe icon.


Rarity: P
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