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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - The Enterprise Collection

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition The Enterprise Collection  

Obtainable via the Decipher online store after a long delay, this set brings the crew of Enterprise to the First Edition. 18 cards produced with a diffraction foil finish using the First Edition termplates.

Copyright Line - TM & © 2005 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 2005 DECIPHER INC.


Equipment Starfleet Phaser Pistol  
Alternate Universe
There are only two settings, Stun and Kill. Make sure to not get them mixed up.
Starfleet Phaser Pistol  
Starfleet use only. Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +2 (or +3 if that personnel has Security. (Cumulative).
Rarity: 41 P


Event Revisionist History Event Temporal Shifting  
Alternate Universe
One might meet an unfortunate end if the timeline were to be altered.
Revisionist History Alternate Universe
Time travel can afford the user certain abilities that might not be available to those native to the current time.
Temporal Shifting  
Seeds or play on table. Once each turn, you may discard a card from hand to search the past (your discard pile) for any one Alternate Universe event and take it into hand. Once per turn, may make Temporal Rift target a different ship.
Rarity: 42 P
Plays on a player. That player must choose to either discard three cards from hand or discard one Alternate Universe card. If that player discards a Alternate Universe card, he/she may draw up to four cards. Discard event.
Rarity: 43 P


Starfleet Seat of Starfleet  
Alternate Universe
The place that started it all. Changed the galaxy as we know it.
Seat of Starfleet  
Seeds or plays on Earth; it is now the homeworld of Starfleet cards. Starfleet personnel may attempt Federation Mission missions. Once per turn, one Starfleet personnel may play for free here. (Not duplicatable).
Rarity: 44 P


Starfleet Charles Tucker III Starfleet Elizabeth Cutler Starfleet Emory Erickson
Command Alternate Universe OFFICER
Self taught Chief Engineer of Enterprise. Best friend and confidant to Jonathan Archer.
Charles Tucker III Staff Alternate Universe SCIENCE
Hard working scientist, gourmet cook, and amateur bartender. Always eager to be selected for special assignments.
Elizabeth Cutler Alternate Universe V.I.P.
Inventor of the Transporter and father figure to Jonathan Archer. Dreams big. Honorary President of the Association of Transporter Technicians.
Emory Erickson
Red Dot ENGINEER • Honor • Computer Skill x2 • Diplomacy • Transporter Skill x2 Download Any tricorder.


Rarity: 45 P
Red Dot Biology • Exobiology • Geology • May volunteer for random selections.


Rarity: 46 P
Red Dot ENGINEER • Transporter Skill x3 • Physics • Computer Skill x2


Rarity: 47 P
Starfleet Ethan Novakovich Starfleet Hoshi Sato Starfleet Jeremy Lucas
Staff Alternate Universe SCIENCE
Tends to leave jobs quickly. Tried working as a cook, bartender, waiter, fan club president, and even student senator before joining Starfleet.
Ethan Novakovich Command Alternate Universe OFFICER
Communications officer on board Enterprise NX-01. Didn't want to come along, but after listening to some Klingon, she felt motivated.
Hoshi Sato Staff Alternate Universe MEDICAL
Chairman of research at Cold Station 12. Close friend of Dr. Phlox. His optimism sometimes leads him to jump to dangerous conclusions.
Jeremy Lucas
Red Dot Biology • Computer Skill • Physics


Rarity: 48 P
Red Dot Music • Anthropology Download Hail • May nullify any Female-related dilemma.


Rarity: 49 P
Red Dot MEDICAL • Exobiology • Honor Download Any Medical-related Equipment card.


Rarity: 50 P
Starfleet Jonathan Archer Starfleet Malcolm Reed Starfleet Maxwell Forrest
Command Alternate Universe OFFICER
Captain of Enterprise NX-01. Leaped into deep space to make the future quantifiably better for all mankind.
Jonathan Archer Command Alternate Universe OFFICER
Head of Security aboard Enterprise. Experienced weapons expert, qualified bodyguard and crack shot.
Malcolm Reed Command Alternate Universe V.I.P.
Respected Admiral. Friend of Soval. Sent the crew of Enterprise out into the final frontier to go where no man had gone before.
Maxwell Forrest
Red Dot Honor • Diplomacy • Navigation • Leadership x2 • Anthropology • Adds 1 to all X. Download Captain's Log.


Rarity: 51 P
Red Dot SECURITY • Honor • Law • Leadership • Transporter Skill • Other Security personnel present are attributes all +1.


Rarity: 52 P
Red Dot SECURITY • Leadership x2 • Astrophysics Download Any NX class ship.


Rarity: 53 P
Starfleet Phlox Starfleet T'Pol Starfleet Travis Mayweather
Staff Alternate Universe MEDICAL
Medical miracle worker. Former chairman of immunology at his alma mater. Has a great smile.
Phlox Command Alternate Universe OFFICER
Female Vulcan first officer of the Enterprise NX-01. Finds humans to be fascinating. Dislikes the smell of dogs.
T'Pol Command Alternate Universe OFFICER
Crack pilot aboard the Enterprise NX-01. Itching to get into deep space. Loves the sweet spot.
Travis Mayweather
Red Dot MEDICAL • Biology • Honor • Exobiology • If a Starfleet personnel present dies, you may discard two cards to return him or her to hand.


Rarity: 54 P
Red Dot SCIENCE • Mindmeld • Diplomacy • Leadership • Anthropology Download Any Interrupt with "Vulcan" in gametext or lore.


Rarity: 55 P
Red Dot Honor • Diplomacy • Astrophysics • Navigation x2 • Computer Skill • Once per turn, may nullify Full Planet Scan.


Rarity: 56 P


Starfleet Enterprise  
Alternate Universe

Legendary prototype designed for deep space travel. Commanded by Jonathan Archer. First Starfleet vessel to bear the name that would symbolize Starfleet's elite.
Command This ship is attributes all +1 for each Starfleet Command aboard it.


Rarity: 57 P


Tactic T'Pol/Soong Maneuver  
  T'Pol/Soong Maneuver  


ATTACK bonus +3 and DEFENSE bonus +2 if you have a NX-class ship firing. Hit = Tactic CurrentTactic Draw. Direct hit = Tactic CurrentTactic DrawTactic DrawTactic Draw.


Burn and Turn: until the end of your next full turn, this ship may not move to a mission where an opponent has a ship.
Rarity: 58 P
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