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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - The Dominion

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition The Dominion  

This set introduced the Dominion affiliation. There were also four white-border preview cards (Seven of Nine, Captain Kirk, Admiral Riker and Worf Son of Mogh) inserted 1 in 30 packs that preview regular black-border cards from future expansions. The U.S.S. Defiant card included in this set is the regular black border version of the white border preview card included with the Deep Space Nine expansion.

Copyright Line - TM & © 1998 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 1998 DECIPHER INC.


Artifact Croden's Key Artifact Orb of Prophecy and Change Artifact The Earring of Li Nalas
Unusual necklace containing a shape-shifting key reminiscent of changelings. Used to secure a hidden stasis chamber protecting Croden's daughter, Yareth, in the Chamra Vortex. Croden's Key Third of the nine mysterious energy vortices called Tears of the Prophets by the Bajorans. Grants visions of the future. Only Orb not stolen by Cardassians during the occupation. Orb of Prophecy and Change Quark acquired a Bajoran earring in 2370. Kira Nerys quickly identified it as that of Bajoran resistance hero Li Nalas, leading to the rescue of Li and others from the Hutet labor camp. The Earring of Li Nalas
Seeds only in Gamma Quadrant. Use as Equipment card. Where present, allows docking/undocking at, and walking into/out of, any player's ship or facility (as appropriate).
Rarity: R
Use as Equipment card. Once each turn, you may glance at the top card of your draw deck. Insert it anywhere within your draw deck if you wish. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R
Use as Equipment card. Once in play, if Li Nalas then earned from Rescue Prisoners, doubles its point box. Also, Resistance personnel are attributes all +3. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R


Space/Planet Dilemma Berserk Changeling Space/Planet Dilemma Chula: Pick One to Save Two Space/Planet Dilemma Chula: The Chandra
Changelings can be hyper-sensitive to certain environmental hazards, such as the poison gas encountered on planet LS-VI. Progressive degradation causes uncontrollable outbursts. Berserk Changeling In the game of chula, thialo is a decision point which requires the player to select one participant to be lost so that the others can continue. Chula: Pick One to Save Two The Chandra is part of an elaborate Wadi game which requires players to advance through several shaps, or levels. To get past this shap, players must precisely mimic the Chandra. Blade of Tkon
Unless 2 hand weapons OR 3 SECURITY OR Changeling Sweep OR Shape-Shift Inhibitor OR Interphase Generator OR Mora Pol present, kills a non-changeling present (random selection).
Rarity: U
To get past requires three personnel present (random selection) to face thialo. Choose one of those three to return to your hand, or all three are "stopped."
Rarity: U
One person (random selection) continues, along with all crew or Away Team members who have at least one attribute number matching that personnel. Others are "stopped."
Rarity: R
Space/Planet Dilemma Chula: The Dice Space/Planet Dilemma Crisis Planet Dilemma Founder Secret
The throw of the dice is the foundation of chula. Each combination of Wadi symbols determines which challenge next awaits the game's participants. Chula: The Dice The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E faced concurrent problems in 2063. The Borg required Picard's attention on the ship while Riker and the away team worked with Cochrane on Earth. Blade of Tkon Searching for the source of a jamming signal, Kira Nerys discovered a secret door on the Founders' homeworld. The lock was designed to be worked by changeling physiology. Founder Secret
To get past requires one personnel with INTEGRITY>6, another with CUNNING>7 and a third with STRENGTH>8.
Rarity: C
To get past requires Leadership (or Subcommand Command and Subcommand Defense icons) in Away Team and an OFFICER-classification personnel (or 2 Subcommand Defense Borg) aboard your ship at this location.
Rarity: C
To get past requires a changeling OR Interphase Generator OR Croden's Key OR CUNNING>40 and any tricorder OR STRENGTH>70 OR 4 Subcommand Defense drones OR Breen CRM114.
Rarity: R
Space/Planet Dilemma Friendly Fire Space/Planet Dilemma Mission Fatigue Space Dilemma Navigational Hazards
Countdown 2 Ferengi lack of leadership resulted in the untimely demise of the Vorta Keevan aboard Empok Nor. His death was a major setback in Quark and Rom's mission to rescue their Moogie. Friendly Fire Countdown 3 When under extreme stress, even highly trained veterans can experience lapses in judgement. Miles O'Brien and Worf fought each other while they where besieged by Jem'Hadar in 2373. Mission Fatigue Successful completion of a mission in deep space requires proper charting and navigational skills. Maps of the known universe can be essential to a crew in unfamiliar territory. Navigational Hazards
Unless 2 Leadership and 2 SECURITY present, kills one personnel (random selection); place dilemma on this mission (or this Empok Nor); it cannot be attempted or scouted.
Rarity: C
Unless Empathy and Leadership present, place atop mission. Each subsequent dilemma or Q-Flash seeded here first "stops" one non-Borg personnel present (random selection).
Rarity: U
To get past requires Stellar Cartography and 2 Navigation.
Rarity: C
Space/Planet Dilemma Sleeper Trap Planet Dilemma Surprise Assault  
Stasis chambers holding homicidal Cardassians infected with a biogenic compound. Left aboard the abandoned Empok Nor and rigged to activate should anyone come aboard. Sleeper Trap Jem'Hadar soldiers have the capability to "shroud," or cloak themselves. This allows them to hide virtually anywhere, and they frequently take their adversaries by surprise. Surprise Assault  
Opponent may download to one site or planet here up to three different ❖ Cardassians and one hand weapon. They may (if possible) initiate personnel battle. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: R
Unless Leadership, 2 OFFICER and 2 SECURITY present OR 2 hand weapons present, kills two personnel (lowest CUNNING first, then lowest STRENGTH). Discard dilemma.
Rarity: C


Equipment Dominion PADD Equipment Jem'Hadar Birthing Chamber Equipment Jem'Hadar Disruptor
Standard Personal Access Display Device for computerized information. This PADD was taken by Jem'Hadar from the New Bajor colony destroyed in 2370. Dominion PADD Incubation module used to breed Jem'Hadar warriors. Each infant grows at a greatly accelerated rate, and is able to fight within days of emergence. Jem'Hadar Birthing Chamber Standard-issue Jem'Hadar sidearm. Energy from a tritium microfusion reaction is accumulated in a phased polaron source, then pulse-discharged through a parabolic arkenium emitter. Jem'Hadar Disruptor
Dominion use only. Each of your personnel present is CUNNING +2. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: C
Where present, each of your Jem'Hadar Birthing Chambers allows you to report one ❖ Young Jem'Hadar (for free) each turn, regardless of quadrant.
Rarity: C
Dominion and Non-Aligned use only. Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +2. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: C
Equipment Jem'Hadar Disruptor Rifle Equipment Ketracel-White  
Jem'Hadar weapons have nonvariable energy settings, but their polaron beams can be enhanced with chemicals such as anticoagulants, nerve agents and osteosolvents. Jem'Hadar Disruptor Rifle Countdown 3 Isogenic enzyme controlled by the Vorta. Genetically addicted Jem'Hadar need a constant supply of "the white" to stay alive. Withdrawal prevents shrouding and leads to killing rampages. Ketracel-White  
Dominion and Non-Aligned use only. Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +3, but loses 1 Diplomacy unless aboard your ship. (Cumulative.)
Rarity: U
.Where present, prevents "white deprivation." Counts down only if you have Ketracel . White personnel present. (Your Vorta may "ration" just one Ketracel-White present to count down.)
Rarity: C


Event Crew Reassignment Event Espionage – Dominion on Federation Event Espionage – Dominion on Klingon
In 2063, U.S.S. Enterprise-E crew member William T. Riker participated in Zefram Cochrane's historic warp flight. He and Geordi La Forge substituted for the missing Phoenix crew. Crew Reassignment Dominion intelligence operations conducted against the Federation have included the initial Eris ruse, Borath's virtual invasion scenario and even changeling infiltration of Earth. Espionage – Dominion on Federation A changeling impersonating General Martok manipulated Gowron so craftily that the Chancellor abandoned the Khitomer Accords and declared war on its long-time ally the Federation. Espionage – Dominion on Klingon
Plays on table. Your Enterprise-E personnel may staff ships as Staff. Also, each of your personnel with a special staffing icon may report to your ship with same icon. (Captain's Order.)
Rarity: U
Plays on any Federation mission (for free if your Federation Infiltrator personnel is there). Your Dominion personnel may now attempt this mission. Discard after mission completed.
Rarity: C
Plays on any Klingon mission (for free if your Klingon Infiltrator personnel is there). Your Dominion personnel may now attempt this mission. Discard after mission completed.
Rarity: C
Event Espionage – Dominion on Romulan Event Fair Play Event Invasive Beam-In
Romulan counter-espionage protocols are second to none. The vigilance of the Tal Shiar protected the Star Empire from enemy spies for decades – until the Dominion arrived. Espionage – Dominion on Romulan Hidden Agenda Referee When Miles O'Brien discovered his publicized racquetball match was unfairly influenced by an alien gambling device, he refused to take advantage of an unfair situation. Fair Play Hidden Agenda Dominion transporter technology is optimized for combat operations. The ability to breach enemy shields allows rapid deployment of Jem'Hadar warriors in most battle scenarios. Invasive Beam-In
Plays on any Klingon mission (for free if your Romulan Infiltrator personnel is there). Your Dominion personnel may now attempt this mission. Discard after mission completed.
Rarity: C
Seeds or plays on table; may not be nullified. No player may solve an opponent's unique mission unless its point box shows at least 40 points OR both players tried to seed a copy of it.
Rarity: U
Seeds or plays on table. Invasive Transporters, when operated by Transporter Skill personnel, may beam through any SHIELDS (even those of a Nor).
Rarity: C
Event Sisko 197 Subroutine Event Tactical Console Event Treaty: Bajoran/Dominion
Hidden Agenda In anticipation of a Cardassian takeover in 2373, Benjamin Sisko sabotaged the Deep Space 9 central computer. The resulting damage hampered Terok Nor for quite some time. Sisko 197 Subroutine Standard display on most modern starships. Combines weapons control with target acquisition and analysis subroutines. Highly effective in the hands of a trained tactical officer. Tactical Console Bajor's non-aggression pact with the Dominion, signed in 2373, was endorsed by the Emissary himself. He hoped to spare Bajor from the inevitable Federation/Dominion war. Treaty: Bajoran/Dominion
Seeds or plays on table. Place on your Nor's Ops. Nor may not be moved or commandeered. Any player may nullify with 4 Computer Skill present. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)
Rarity: U
Plays on your ship docked at your facility. While you have Miles O'Brien or a SECURITY-classification personnel aboard, ship is weapons +3. (Captain's Order.)
Rarity: U
Plays on table (for free if you have Kai Winn or The Emissary in play). Your Bajoran and Dominion affiliations recognize this treaty. They can now mix and cooperate.
Rarity: C
Event Treaty: Cardassian/Dominion Event Treaty: Romulan/Dominion  
Hidden Agenda Gul Dukat's secret negotiations with the Dominion in 2373 secured a strong ally for the Cardassian Union, and positioned Dukat as the new head of the Cardassian government. Blade of Tkon On Proconsul Neral's authority, Senator Vreenak negotiated a strategic non-aggression pact with the Dominion, forcing the humans and Klingons to bear the brunt of Dominion aggression. Treaty: Romulan/Dominion  
Seeds or plays on table (plays for free if you have Dukat in play). Your Cardassian and Dominion affiliations recognize this treaty. They can now mix and cooperate.
Rarity: C
Plays on table (for free if you have Senator Vreenak in play). Your Romulan and Dominion affiliations recognize this treaty. They can now mix and cooperate.
Rarity: C


Dominion Round Dominion Round ❖ Remote Supply Depot Dominion Round The Great Link
Gamma Quadrant
Gamma quadrant space facility. Long-time source of ketracel-white for Jem'Hadar troops.
Blade of Tkon Recently constructed space facility designed to support Dominion expansion into other quadrants. ❖ Remote Supply Depot Gamma Quadrant
Changelings intermingle in the Great Link, merging form and thought into one communal entity.
The Great Link
Seeds at any non-homeworld Gamma Quadrant mission. Your non-weapon equipment may seed aboard (limit three). Resets countdowns of Ketracel-White aboard. Does not repair ships.
Dominion OUTPOST
Rarity: C
Build where you have a Dominion ENGINEER. Your equipment may report aboard, for free, regardless of quadrant. Resets countdowns of Ketracel-White aboard. Does not repair ships.
Dominion OUTPOST
Rarity: C
Seeds or plays on Founders' homeworld. Ketracel-White on planet does not count down. Once per turn, one Founder OR one HQ card may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R
Federation Office of the President Klingon The Great Hall  
From his office in Paris, the President of the United Federation of Planets leads the representative council. Office of the President The Great Hall of Qo'noS is the seat of power for the entire Klingon Empire. The Great Hall  
Seeds or plays on Earth. Once per turn, one Federation Ambassador, Admiral, Vice-Admiral or President OR one HQ card may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R
Seeds or plays on Qo'noS. Once per turn, one Klingon Emperor, Chancellor or personnel with "High Council" in lore OR one HQ card may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R
Neutral Round Empok Nor (front) Neutral Round Empok Nor (reverse) Romulan Round Office of the Proconsul
Cardassian mining station abandoned in 2372. Empok Nor Abandoned mining station recently repaired and activated. Empok Nor The Proconsul heads the Romulan Senate. Neral was Proconsul during the 2368 Vulcan Unification ruse. Office of the Proconsul
Seeds (uncontrolled) during mission phase at a ❖ mission. Dilemmas related to Empok Nor may seed beneath station. No reporting aboard. Once no dilemmas remain, any player may commandeer; then flip over. (Not duplicatable.)
Neutral Round STATION
Rarity: R
When first flipped, each player may download to station any number of different compatible Site and Equipment cards. Normal reporting now allowed. (Not duplicatable.)
Neutral Round STATION
Rarity: R
Seeds or plays on Romulus. Once per turn, one Romulan General, Admiral, Senator or Proconsul OR Sela or Tomalak OR one HQ card may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: R


Interrupt Caught Red-Handed Interrupt Flight of the Intruder Interrupt In the Bag
Odo used his instincts as both an investigator and a shape-shifter to expose a Founder spy masquerading as Admiral Leyton on Earth in 2372. Caught Red-Handed When the changeling impersonating Admiral Leyton on Earth was caught red-handed by Odo, the Founder quickly made a winged escape. Flight of the Intruder While investigating a Tallonian crystal smuggler, Odo took the form of a latinum-filled satchel. He was forced to abort the sting operation when Worf interfered. In the Bag
Exposes (may capture) an opponent's infiltrator present with your shape-shifter OR prevents a changeling from morphing this turn OR nullifies Common Thief. (May not be nullified.)
Rarity: C
Except during the destruction of a location, ship or facility, suspends play while any or all of your shape-shifters present together morph into birds (return to your hand).
Rarity: U
Allows your Equipment card in play and your shape-shifter in hand to morph (exchange). May be played at the start of battle (may also download Strike Three there).
Rarity: C
Interrupt Jem'Hadar Sacrifice Interrupt Shape-Shift Interrupt Strike Three
Injured by phaser fire, Meso'Clan could no longer contribute to his unit. He requested that he be put to death rather than continue to consume ketracel-white. Jem'Hadar Sacrifice From the Great Link, the Founders manipulate their expanding empire. The ability to appear as members of any species has proven invaluable to their success. Shape-Shift Bearing a striking resemblance to a bag of explosives, Odo surprised three Jem'Hadar warriors on Vandros IV. Strike Three
Plays on your Ketracel White personnel. He sacrifices (dies) to keep all your Ketracel-White present from counting down this turn OR to substitute for a Founder present who is about to die.
Rarity: C
Allows your Founder in play to morph into a different Founder (exchange it with one in hand OR discard it to download one there). (Immune to Amanda Rogers.).
Rarity: U
Plays at start of personnel battle. Each of your shape-shifters present may stun up to three opposing non-shape-shifters (random selection) and is exposed if infiltrating.
Rarity: C
Interrupt You Dirty Rat  
On more than one occasion, Odo has assumed the form of a rodent in order to remain undercover during an investigation or conceal himself from a potential threat. You Dirty Rat  
Plays on your shape-shifter. It morphs into a rat (treated as disabled and may not be targeted or participate in battle). May morph back (discard interrupt) at any time.
Rarity: U


Planet Dilemma Archanis Dispute Planet Dilemma Betazed Invasion Planet Dilemma Bioweapon Ruse
Archanis IV: Force the Federation to forfeit claim to planet relinquished a century ago by the Klingon Empire.

OFFICER x2 + Strength>45 + (VIP x3 OR Klingon Infiltrator personnel OR any Gowron)
Archanis Dispute Betazed: Strike deep into Federation territory and take control of this strategically important planet.

OFFICER x3 + SECURITY x5 + 2 hand weapons + STRENGTH>100
Betazed Invasion Celtris III: Install signal generator and leak rumors about metagenic weapon production on this barren planet.

ENGINEER + Strength>35 + no Honor + (SECURITY x3 + Obsidian Order OR Madred)
Bioweapon Ruse
Klingon Mission Dominion Mission  Points: 35  Span: 4
Rarity: U
Dominion Mission  Points: 45  Span: 5
Rarity: R
Cardassian Mission  Points: 40  Span: 3
Rarity: U
Space Dilemma ❖ Construct Depot Planet Dilemma Intelligence Operation Planet Dilemma Investigate Coup
Asteroid field: Build ketracel-white production facility in the Alpha Quadrant.

Navigation x2 + Physics + Vorta + ENGINEER
When you solve, download Remote Supply Depot here. Opponent's side: Not attemptable, no gametext, no pointbox.
❖ Construct Depot Founders' homeworld: Covertly compile data on current Dominion homeworld in the Omarion Nebula.

Navigation x2 + (Tal Shiar OR Obsidian Order) + Anthropology + (SECURITY x3 OR any Odo)
Intelligence Operation Tzenketh: Investigate alleged coup that threatens to change the balance of power in this sector.

OFFICER + Leadership x2 + SECURITY + Navigation OR Benjamin Sisko OR Tomalak OR General Krim
Investigate Coup
Dominion Mission  Points: 30  Span: 2
Rarity: C
Romulan Mission Cardassian Mission  Points: 40  Span: 6  Gamma Quadrant
Rarity: U
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Bajoran Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3
Rarity: U
Space Dilemma Mining Survey Space Dilemma Protect Shipment Planet Dilemma Quest for the Sword
Trivas System: Scan system for mineral resources suitable for processing by mining station located here.

ENGINEER + SCIENCE + Geology + Physics
Nor or Empok Nor may seed and Process Ore here.
Mining Survey

Pentath System: Guard medical shipments to colony suffering from outbreak of Rudellian plague.

Leadership + SECURITY x2 + MEDICAL + Honor + WEAPONS>9

Protect Shipment Hur'q planet: Search ancient vault for the Sword of Kahless and other artifacts plundered centuries ago.

Archaeology + SCIENCE + any tricorder + STRENGTH>32 + (Honor OR Treachery)
Quest for the Sword
Any crew may attempt mission (if same player controls a Nor with an Ore Processing Unit.
Points: 40  Span: 3
Rarity: U
Federation Mission Cardassian Mission Dominion Mission  Points: 35  Span: 4
Rarity: U
Klingon Mission Cardassian Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 40  Span: 4  Gamma Quadrant
Rarity: U
Planet Dilemma Rescue Founder Planet Dilemma Security Briefing Planet Dilemma Uncover DNA Clues
Torga IV: Negotiate with Federation survey team to recover injured Founder from shipwreck.

Diplomacy x2 + MEDICAL + Strength>45 + Cunning>35
Rescue Founder Korma: Attend joint intelligence exchange on this Cardassian world regarding Klingon military movements.

SECURITY + Diplomacy x2 + V.I.P. x3
You may play System 5 Disruptors for free here.
Security Briefing Ruah IV: Investigate genetic research conducted here by Federation scientist Dr. Richard Galen.

SCIENCE + Archaeology + (Leadership x2 OR Ocett)
Hunt for DNA Program adds
Cardassian Mission Bajoran Mission Ferengi Mission.
Uncover DNA Clues
Dominion Mission  Points: 30  Span: 5  Gamma Quadrant
Rarity: U
Cardassian Mission Bajoran Mission Dominion Mission  Points: 35  Span: 4
Rarity: U
Cardassian Mission Bajoran Mission Ferengi Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3
Rarity: U


Objective Engage Cloak Objective Establish Dominion Foothold Objective Install Autonomic Systems Parasite
  Engage Cloak   Establish Dominion Foothold   Install Autonomic Systems Parasite
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. When your staffed ship cloaks or phases, it may relocate here (capacity one ship). Just before that ship decloaks or dephases, return it to its former location; it may immediately move (up to its full RANGE) once for each of your full turns it was on this objective. (If ship returns to spaceline on your turn, it may also use that turn's RANGE).

Rarity: U
Seeds or plays on a mission in Alpha or Delta Quadrant if none of your Dominion cards have been in that quadrant yet this game. If your Dominion personnel subsequently complete that mission, you may download a Dominion facility with up to five different Equipment cards there; score points (discard objective). You may complete this objective only once in each quadrant.
Points: 10
Rarity: U
Plays on opponent's ship if your Founder is aboard. That ship may not engage or disengage its special equipment, transporters and WEAPONS until your next turn; then you may use ship to move and/or battle opponent's other cards (ignore staffing and affiliation restrictions); then discard objective. May be nullified by Miles O'Brien OR Odo OR 3 ENGINEER and 3 SECURITY aboard. (Unique.)
Rarity: U
Objective Issue Secret Orders Objective Operate Wormhole Relays Objective Post Garrison
  Issue Secret Orders   Operate Wormhole Relays   Post Garrison
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. Place on your V.I.P. or OFFICER who has been infiltrating opponent's ship since start of opponent's last turn. Target any opponent's mission in same quadrant. Ship and crew must do nothing but go to that mission (with infiltrator aboard) and attempt it if possible (any infiltrators may decline); then infiltrator is exposed. Discard objective whenever infiltrator exposed.

Rarity: R
Seeds or plays on table. Downloads of Bajoran Wormhole may not be prevented or nullified. Also, whenever opponent plays Wormhole interrupt on your ship, both ends of that wormhole remain at the locations where they were played. Any ship may move from either end to the other (reqiures 3 RANGE each time). You may place both ends of wormhole out-of-play at any time.
Rarity: U
Plays on any mission. Opponent may not attempt, scout or complete a Borg Only objective targeting that mission, but may battle your cards at that location regardless of affiliation attack restrictions. If on a planet, objective nullified if you have fewer than three Jem'Hadar or SECURITY personnel on planet; otherwise, nullified if you have fewer than two staffed ships at that location.
Rarity: U
Objective Subjugate Planet  
  Subjugate Planet  
Hidden Agenda
Seeds or plays on table. Place on a non-homeworld, non-Dominion Mission planet mission you seeded. You may attempt mission using these requirements: Vorta + Treachery + 4 Jem'Hadar + STRENGTH>(point value of mission x2) When you solve mission, you may download Remote Supply Depot (plus one Ketracel-White) here; discard objective.

Rarity: C


Bajoran ❖ General Hazar Bajoran Kai Winn Bajoran ❖ Keeve Falor
Typical high-ranking officer in Bajoran militia. Familiar with Bajoran defense technology. Issued the order to refuse landing privileges to Skrreean ships in 2370.
❖ General Hazar Command V.I.P.
Vedek Winn became Kai of Bajor in 2370. Concluded Cardassian treaty negotiations by Bareil Antos. Finally accepted Benjamin Sisko's role as the Emissary.
Kai Winn Staff V.I.P.
Typical leader of Bajoran colonists who fled Bajor during the Cardassian occupation. Resides on Valo II. Helped Jean-Luc Picard locate the terrorist Orta.
❖ Keeve Falor
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Astrophysics
Red Dot If aboard Assault Vessel, its Tactical Console is +1.


Rarity: C
Red Dot Leadership x2 Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Honor (if The Emissary in play). Download Any Bajoran treaty


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Biology Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Your Bajoran CIVILIANs present are attributes all +2.


Rarity: C
Bajoran Orta Bajoran Zayra  
Bajoran terrorist leader. Has an intense hatred for Cardassians as a result of being tortured while in captivity. Speaks with the aid of a voice synthesizer.
Bajoran male who operates the Transit Aid Center on Deep Space 9. Stirred xenophobic sentiment against Odo during the Ibudan murder investigation.
Red Dot Resistance Red Dot Leadership Red Dot SCIENCE
Red Dot Opposing personnel STRENGTH -1 where present.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot Transporter Skill
Red Dot May play Hate Crime as an interrupt where present.


Rarity: R


Borg Seven of Nine  
Subcommand Command Subcommand Navigation Subcommand Defense Delta Quadrant
Task: Tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero one.
Biological Distinctiveness: Human species..
Seven of Nine  
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Stellar Cartography Red Dot Computer Skill
Red Dot Physics Red Dot May apply Subcommand Command, Subcommand Navigation and Subcommand Defense to staffing.
Red Dot May draw a card in place of your normal card play.


Rarity: P


Cardassian Damar Cardassian ❖ Daro Cardassian Dejar
Ambitious Glinn. Reports to Dukat. Witnessed his commanding officer's triumphal retaking of Terok Nor. Oversees engineering operations aboard the station.
Damar Staff ENGINEER
Glinn. Aide to Gul Macet. Attempted to discuss transporter technologies with Miles O'Brien aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, but was rebuffed.
❖ Daro Staff ENGINEER
Female Obsidian Order operative. Sabotaged weapons systems of the U.S.S. Defiant in an attempt to ruin the joint scientific project between Bajor and Cardassia.
Red Dot Physics Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Treachery  Red Dot Computer Skill
Red Dot May report where your Dukat is present.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: U
Red Dot Obsidian Order Red Dot Stellar Cartography
Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: U
Cardassian Macet Cardassian Silaran Prin Cardassian ❖ Telle
Cardassian observer on board the U.S.S. Enterprise during the Phoenix incident of 2367. High-ranking Gul in the Central Command. Strict disciplinarian.
Macet Nemesis P R CIVILIAN
Twisted male Cardassian living in exile. Disfigured in a terrorist attack during the occupation of Bajor. Nurtures a great hatred for the Bajorans who injured him.
Silaran Prin Staff SECURITY
Glinn who accompanied Gul Macet aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2367. Confined to his quarters by Macet for attempting to access Federation tactical data.
❖ Telle
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Honor Red Dot MEDICAL


Rarity: U
Red Dot Smuggling Red Dot Treachery Red Dot ENGINEER  Red Dot Exobiology
Red Dot Each Shakaar resistance cell member in play has Nemesis P L.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot MEDICAL


Rarity: C


CardassianNon-Aligned Garak  
Staff Alternate Universe CIVILIAN
Cardassian male. Virtual player in the Vorta scenario testing the resolve of Alpha Quadrant species. Risked his life in the defense of his comrades.
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Honor
Red Dot May replace anyone present randomly selected to die.


Rarity: R


Dominion Amat'igan Dominion Arak'Taral Dominion ❖ Azet'izan
Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Jem'Hadar bodyguard of Founder Leader. Third. Took the conn of the U.S.S. Defiant to navigate the ship to the Founders' homeworld.
Amat'igan Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Jem'Hadar Second under Goran'Agar. Disapproved of Goran'Agar's use of Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien in search for cure to ketracel-white addition.
Arak'Taral Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Third serving under Omet'iklan. Representative of Jem'Hadar officers. Participated in eradication of dishonorable Jem'Hadar renegades on Vandros IV.
❖ Azet'izan
Red Dot Navigation x2 Red Dot Stellar Cartography
Red Dot Computer Skill Download Security Sacrifice


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Transporter Skill
Red Dot Physics Download Invasive Beam-In


Rarity: U
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Computer Skill


Rarity: C
Dominion Borath Dominion ❖ Eris Dominion ❖ Founder
Command Gamma Quadrant MEDICAL
Vorta analyst. Subjected the captured crew members of the U.S.S. Defiant to a simulated invasion of the Alpha Quadrant in order to study their response.
Borath Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Duplicitous female agent. First Vorta to contact the Federation. Posed as an oppressed fugitive in order to win sympathy - and opportunities for espionage.
❖ Eris Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Female member of the Dominion. Changeling. Characteristic of the members of the Great Link. Adept at mimicking the solids.
❖ Founder
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Cybernetics
Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: R
Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot MEDICAL


Rarity: C
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Exobiology
Red Dot May morph (exchange with your Founder in hand).


Rarity: U
Dominion Founder Leader Dominion Goran'Agar Dominion ❖ Gurat'urak
Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Female changeling. Center of power for the entire Dominion. Key figure in the Great Link. Told Odo of his origin; greatly desires his return to the Link.
Founder Leader Command Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
First. Jem'Hadar soldier who overcame addiction to ketracel-white. Brought group of Jem'Hadar to Bopak III seeking freedom from the white and the Vorta.
Goran'Agar Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Typical Jem'Hadar navigator. Fifth under Omet'iklan. Responsible for safeguarding devices assigned to his unit.
❖ Gurat'urak
Red Dot Treachery x2 Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Exobiology
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Law Download Shape-Shift


Rarity: R
Red Dot Honor x2 Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Biology
Red Dot Nullifies Hippocratic Oath where present.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Transporter Skill
Red Dot Protects one card present from Disruptor Overload.


Rarity: C
Dominion Keevan Dominion Kilana Dominion Kira Founder
Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Devious, aloof Vorta. Extorted a Federation Away Team into destroying his marooned, white-starved Jem'Hadar unit before it could turn on him. Hates Ferengi.
Keevan Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Female Vorta field operative. Dispatched to rescue an injured Founder shipwrecked on Torga IV. Distrusted Benjamin Sisko long enough to fail her mission.
Kilana Command Bajoran Infiltrator Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Changeling who, under the guise of Kira Nerys, attempted to understand Odo's loyalty to the solids. Discovered he had feelings for Kira.
Kira Founder
Red Dot Treachery x2 Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Diplomacy
Red Dot Geology Download Hostage Trade


Rarity: R
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Archaeology


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Resistance Red Dot SECURITY
Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: R
Dominion ❖ Koret'alak Dominion Leyton Founder Dominion ❖ Limara'Son
Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Fifth. Representative of Jem'Hadar soldiers serving under Goran'Agar. Escorted Federation prisoners taken captive on Bopak III.
❖ Koret'alak Command Federation Infiltrator Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Dominion changeling appearing as Admiral Leyton. Exposed by Odo outside Starfleet headquarters; escaped using his shape-shifting abilities.
Leyton Founder Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Typical Jem'Hadar soldier. Reports to Remata'Klan. Demoted to Sixth for firing his weapon against orders.
❖ Limara'Son
Red Dot Physics Red Dot Stellar Cartography


Rarity: C
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot May report on Earth. Download Flight of the Intruder


Rarity: R
Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Navigation


Rarity: C
Dominion Lovok Founder Dominion ❖ Makla'Gor Dominion Martok Founder
Command Romulan Infiltrator Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Changeling. Impersonated Colonel Lovok during the 2371 attack on the Dominion homeworld. Led the Romulan/Cardassian fleet into a Jem'Hadar ambush.
Lovok Founder Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Sixth. Typical Jem'Hadar guard and soldier. Assigned to station Terok Nor recently liberated by Dominion and Cardassian forces. Posted to security section.
❖ Makla'Gor Command Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Changeling who posed as General Martok. Advised Chancellor Gowron to end the Empire's long-standing alliance with the Federation.
Martok Founder
Red Dot Tal Shiar Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Navigation
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Transporter Skill Red Dot Treachery


Rarity: R
Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Honor


Rarity: C
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Treachery
Download Treacherous Advice OR Dial Martok for Murder


Rarity: R
Dominion Meso'Clan Dominion O'Brien Founder Dominion Omet'iklan
Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Jem'Hadar Fourth under Goran'Agar. Injured by discharge from Miles O'Brien's crude phaser. Willing to be sacrificed to preserve dwindling supply of the white.
Meso'Clan Command Federation Infiltrator Gamma Quadrant ENGINEER
Changeling posing as Miles O'Brien. Infiltrated Earth in 2372 with three other Founders. Gloated about their disruptive activities to Benjamin Sisko.
O'Brien Founder Command Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
First assigned to Weyoun. Sought to destroy rebel Jem'Hadar and their Iconian Gateway on Vandros IV. Killed the Weyoun 4 clone for questioning his loyalty.
Red Dot Honor Red Dot Stellar Cartography
Download Jem'Hadar Sacrifice


Rarity: U
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Transporter Skill Red Dot Physics
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Treachery Download Homefront


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership x2 Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Computer Skill
Red Dot Allows your cards here to initiate battle against Dominion.


Rarity: R
Dominion ❖ Ornithar Dominion Remata'Klan Dominion Talak'talan
Gamma Quadrant CIVILIAN
Typical male Karemma official. Broker of tulaberry wine for the Dominion. Well versed in valuable metals. One-time business partner of Quark.
❖ Ornithar Command Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Jem'Hadar Third who was marooned with Keevan on a deserted planet. Took charge of his men after the First and Second were lost during the incident.
Remata'Klan Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Jem'Hadar Third. Delivered the proclamation that Alpha Quadrant species were no longer welcome in the Gamma Quadrant… and would be destroyed.
Red Dot Greed Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Geology


Rarity: C
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Physics Download No Way Out


Rarity: R
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Transporter Skill
Red Dot Astrophysics  Download Ultimatum OR Dominion PADD


Rarity: R
Dominion ❖ Temo'Zuma Dominion Toman'torax Dominion ❖ Virak'kara
Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Soldier under the command of Goran'Agar. Third. Typical of Jem'Hadar warriors trained to operate shield-penetrating transporter systems.
❖ Temo'Zuma Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant OFFICER
Jem'Hadar Second. Served under Omet'iklan for three years. In defiance of the First's orders, fought Worf during preparations for the joint Vandros IV mission.
Toman'torax Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Jem'Hadar soldier. Fourth reporting to Omet'iklan. Eight years old. Amazed at the longer lifespans of other species, especially Trill.
❖ Virak'kara
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: C
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Stellar Cartography
Red Dot May pair first when in personnel battle.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Physics Red Dot Navigation


Rarity: C
Dominion Weyoun Dominion ❖ Yak'Talon Dominion Yelgren
Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Vorta field supervisor. Skilled negotiator. Key figure in the war effort. Reports directly to the Founder Leader. Self-proclaimed expert at telling – and spotting – lies.
Weyoun Staff Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant SECURITY
Seventh serving under Remata'Klan. Assigned to repair communication equipment damaged when his Jem'Hadar unit was marooned in 2374.
❖ Yak'Talon Command Gamma Quadrant V.I.P.
Matter-of-fact Vorta. Met a disorganized group of Ferengi aboard Empok Nor. Agreed to release Ishka in exchange for Keevan. Got less than he bargained for..
Red Dot Diplomacy x2 Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Law Red Dot Biology


Rarity: R
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Computer Skill


Rarity: C
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Anthropology
Red Dot Music Download Prisoner Exchange


Rarity: R
Dominion ❖ Young Jem'Hadar Dominion ❖ Zyree  
Ketracel White Gamma Quadrant CIVILIAN
Jem'Hadar youth. Typical juvenile recently emerged from birthing chamber.
❖ Young Jem'Hadar Gamma Quadrant CIVILIAN
Representative female member of the Dosi, a physically aggressive merchant race aligned with the Dominion. Tulaberry wine expert.
❖ Zyree  
Red Dot At end of any of your turns, may be exchanged with one of your ❖ Jem'Hada in hand. Red Dot Youth


Rarity: C
Red Dot Biology Red Dot Greed Red Dot Archaeology


Rarity: C


Federation Admiral Leyton Federation Admiral Riker Federation Captain Kirk
Command V.I.P.
Chief of Starfleet Operations. Misguided paranoid. Faked evidence of impending Dominion invasion and urged Jaresh-Inyo to place Earth under martial law.
Admiral Leyton Command Alternate Universe V.I.P.
Commander of Starbase 247 in an alternate future. At odds with Governor Worf. Battled Klingons near Devron.
Admiral Riker Staff Command TOS OFFICER
Legendary starship captain. In 2267, met "Lieutenant" Sisko. 17 temporal violations. "The man was a menace."
Captain Kirk
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Allows your cards here to initiate battle against Dominion.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership x2 Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Music
Red Dot
Your leaders here may initiate battle against Klingon.
Download Any Enterprise (if aboard your matching facility).


Rarity: P
Red Dot Leadership x2 Red Dot May initiate battle against non-Federation.
Download Captain's Log Red Dot
May stun adversary he just engaged.
Red Dot Once every turn, may "stop" one female present.


Rarity: P
Federation Jaresh-Inyo Federation Keogh Federation Michael Eddington
Command V.I.P.
Male Grazerite. President of the United Federation of Planets. Reluctantly imposed martial law on Earth in 2372 at the urging of Admiral Leyton.
Jaresh-Inyo Command OFFICER
Captain of the U.S.S. Odyssey. In 2370, ordered to investigate the Jem'Hadar threat and rescue Benjamin Sisko. Knew Jadzia Dax, but not on friendly terms.
Keogh Command Maquis SECURITY
Lt. Commander Eddington. Security officer assigned to Deep Space 9 because of Starfleet concerns about Odo. Defected to the Maquis.
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Biology Red Dot Law
Download HQ: Secure Homeworld


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Honor Red Dot Physics
Red Dot Geology Download Attack Pattern Delta


Rarity: R
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Computer Skill


Rarity: R


Klingon ❖ Atul Klingon Ch'Pok Klingon Martok
Typical Klingon Intelligence specialist. Dispatched to Deep Space 9 with Morka and Bo'rak to investigate Romulan activity.
❖ Atul Staff V.I.P.
Klingon advocate. Skilled negotiator. Prosecuted a contrived hearing against Worf in 2372 to manipulate Federation involvement in the Klingon/Cardassian war.
Ch'Pok Command OFFICER
Highly decorated general and High Council member. Accepted Worf, Alexander and Jadzia into the House of Martok. Lost his left eye battling the Jem'Hadar.
Red Dot Klingon Intelligence


Rarity: U
Red Dot Diplomacy x2 Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Law
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Biology


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Honor Red Dot Navigation x2 Download D'k Tahg
Red Dot Your Klingon ships at same location are each WEAPONS +2.


Rarity: R
Klingon Worf Son of Mogh  
Worf resigned his Starfleet commission to join Gowron during the 2367-68 Klingon Civil War. Saved the I.K.C. Bortas from destruction by Duras forces.
Worf Son of Mogh  
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Honor x2 Download Qapla'!
Red Dot If with Gowron on I.K.C. Bortas, it is all attributes +3.


Rarity: P


Non-Aligned 10 and 01 Non-Aligned Anya Non-Aligned Salia
Paired Bynars from the planet Bynaus. In the year 100100111100, upgraded weapons and holodeck systems of U.S.S. Enterprise at Starbase 01001010.
10 and 01 CIVILIAN
Female allasomorph. Shape-shifting guardian of Salia. Scouts ahead before declaring environment safe. Will do anything to protect Salia and the hope she represents.
Anya V.I.P.
Allasomorph leader of Daled IV. Shape-shifter. Parents killed in civil war. Raised by Anya on Klavdia III. Expected to unite her people. Likes Wesley Crusher..
10: Red Dot Computer Skill x2 Download Any Bynars card
01: Red Dot Nullifies all Computer Crash cards in play.


Rarity: R
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Honor Download Salia
Red Dot If present, must replace Salia just randomly selected.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Anthropology
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Exobiology


Rarity: R
Non-Aligned ❖ Soto  
Typical Lethean mercenary. Telepathically extracted Kor's knowledge of the Shroud of the Sword. Tried to help Toral steal the Sword of Kahless.
❖ Soto  
Red Dot Empathy Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot May nullify Lethean Telepathic Attack where present.


Rarity: U


Romulan Lovok Romulan Senator Vreenak Romulan T'Rul
High-ranking colonel in the Tal Shiar. Proponent of a temporary alliance with the Obsidian Order to destroy the foundation of the Dominion.
Lovok V.I.P.
Vice-Chairman of the Tal Shiar. Secretary of the War Plans Council. Key Romulan senator for over 14 years. Negotiated the non-aggression pact with the Dominion.
Senator Vreenak Staff ENGINEER
Romulan female assigned to install, safeguard and operate the cloaking device loaned to Starfleet for use aboard the U.S.S. Defiant.
Red Dot Tal Shiar Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Navigation
Red Dot SCIENCE Red Dot Transporter Skill


Rarity: R
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Tal Shiar x2 Red Dot Anthropology
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Law Download Any Romulan treaty


Rarity: R
Red Dot Physics Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Exobiology
Red Dot Ship she is aboard is RANGE +1 when cloaked.


Rarity: U


Cardassian ❖ Keldon Advanced Cardassian Trager  
Faster than standard Keldon-class vessels. Secretly upgraded by Obsidian Order. Staged in Orias System.
❖ Keldon Advanced GALOR CLASS
Commanded by Macet. Dispatched to intercept U.S.S. Phoenix, reportedly attacking Cardassian vessels in violation of the 2366 peace treaty.
Command Staff Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
Command Staff Tractor Beam


Rarity: R


Dominion ❖ Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Dominion ❖ Jem'Hadar Warship  
Nimble attack fighter used by the Dominion. Has ion propulsion drive and ventral impellers. Virtual display technology. Polaron beam weapons.
❖ Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Gamma Quadrant BATTLE CRUISER CLASS
Mainstay battle cruiser of the Jem'Hadar fleets. Capable of serving as a mobile base for attack ships. Equipped with shield-penetrating transporters.
❖ Jem'Hadar Warship  
Staff May avoid being targeted by Establish Tractor Lock. Invasive Transporters


Rarity: C
Command Staff Staff Invasive Transporters, Tractor Beam


Rarity: U


Federation U.S.S. Defiant Federation U.S.S. Odyssey Federation U.S.S. Rio Grande
NX-74205. Built to battle Borg. Recommissioned to oppose the Dominion. First ship to test ablative armor and quantum torpedoes. Captained by Benjamin Sisko.
NCC-71832. Starship sent into Gamma Quadrant to investigate the Dominion. Victim of Jem'Hadar suicide tactics. Commanded by Keogh..
First runabout assigned to Deep Space 9. Towed the Prakesh through the Bajoran Wormhole. Commanded by Benjamin Sisko.
U.S.S. Rio Grande
Command Command Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam (cannot carry ships aboard except shuttlepods)


Rarity: R
Command Staff Staff Attributes all +1 in Gamma Quadrant. Holodeck, Tractor Beam


Rarity: U
  Download Activate Tractor Beam


Rarity: R


Klingon I.K.C. Rotarran  
Bird-of-prey stationed at Deep Space 9 during the war against the Dominion. Commanded by Martok. Led many raids into Cardassian and Dominion space.
I.K.C. Rotarran  
Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R


Romulan ❖ D'deridex Advanced  
Upgraded by the Tal Shiar near Orias III. Used in Tal Shiar/Obsidian Order attack of the Dominion 2371.
❖ D'deridex Advanced  
Command Staff Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
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