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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - Alternate Universe

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition Alternate Universe  

The 122 cards of Alternate Universe introduce the idea of opening "doorways" to other dimensions. Experience time travel, parallel universes and alternate timelines. Play blackjack at the Royale Casino. Attempt a new dimension of missions. Contains the first Ultra-Rare card (1:121 packs). This set expands the game play into surreal worlds and different phases of existence.

Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1995 PARAMOUNT PICTURES.
Copyright Line - TM, ©, ® 1995 PARAMOUNT PICTURES daed si luap. (Paul Rice)


Artifact Cryosatellite Artifact Data's Head Artifact Iconian Gateway
Alternatue Universe
An ancient sublight vessel. Designed to carry and store cryogenically frozen humanoids until a cure for their death could be found and used to regenerate them.
Cryosatellite Alternatue Universe
An excavation under the Earth city of San Francisco in 2369 discovered that the head of Lt. Commander Data had been lying there undisturbed for centuries.
Data's Head The now extinct Iconians were "Demons of Air and Darkness" due to their advanced technology such as this instant transport portal to farflung planets. Iconian Gateway
Seed at a space location. May seed one additional artifact and up to 3 Alternatue Universe personnel here. Those personnel come aboard your ship when mission completed.
Rarity: R
Use as Equipment card. Head has CUNNING=10 and Computer Skill. While on a ship, RANGE, WEAPONS and SHIELDS are +2. (Not Cumulative.)
Rarity: R
Place in hand until played on a planet location as an Event card. While in play, anyone's personnel and equipment can move instantly from Iconian Gateway to any other planet(s).
Rarity: R
Artifact Ophidian Cane Artifact Receptacle Stones Artifact Ressikan Flute
Alternatue Universe
Disguised serpentine alien device used by the Devidians. When irradiated with the correct energy, the head comes alive and allows Devidians to control their time travel.
Ves Alkar, a Lumerian, used these mysterious objects in a ritual that would turn another person into a "receptacle" for all negative thoughts, causing rapid aging and death. Receptacle Stones Alternatue Universe
Artifact from Kataan, a now-dead planet. 1,000 years after Kataan's demise, a space probe gave Jean-Luc Picard this flute and a lifetime of memories in less than an hour.
Ressikan FluteRessikan Flute
Place in hand until played as an Interrupt card to allow 3 through Devidian Door OR double Devidian Foragers (to four personnel) OR double Empathic Touch.
Rarity: R
Place in hand until played as an Event on crew of an opponent's ship. Any space dilemmas you encounter this turn also apply to that ship and crew. Discard event.
Rarity: R
Immediately play on table. X varies constantly, where X=5 points for each of your Music personnel in play. Destroy with The Devil. (Not duplicatable.)
Points: X
Rarity: R
Artifact Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch  
Alternatue Universe
This 19th century watch was discovered in a cave along with Data's head in 2369. After returning to the past, Clemens left the watch again to maintain the timeline.
Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch  
Place in hand until played as an Interrupt card. One action that must happen on your next turn (such as your card draw), happens now instead.
Rarity: R


Planet Dilemma Alien Labyrinth Space/Planet Dilemma Cardassian Trap Space/Planet Dilemma Coalescent Organism
Many planets, such as Mordan IV, have convoluted underground installations which require Away Teams to have specific technology or skills. Alien Labyrinth With rumors of a metagenic weapon on Celtris III, the Cardassians lured Jean-Luc Picard into a trap in Cardassian space. He was captured in 2369. Cardassian Trap Rare colony of microscopic lifeforms which kill, absorb and then take the shape of other organisms. Must change form every few days. Coalescent Organism
To get through this maze-like structure and continue, Away Team must have a Tricorder OR 2 ENGINEER.
Rarity: C
Unless Empathy present, opponent captures one unique, non-Cardassian personnel from you (random selection) and places it on their side as a captive, along with trap.
Rarity: U
Unless Exobiology present, one personnel (random selection) dies at end of your next turn. If others present at the death, organism is passed on to one of them (random selection), etc.
Rarity: R
Space Dilemma Conundrum Space/Planet Dilemma Edo Probe Space/Planet Dilemma Empathic Echo
Alternatue Universe
In 2368, U.S.S. Enterprise personnel were given amnesia by Satarrans, who then attempted to trick the crew into attacking Lysian ships and a Lysian command station.
Conundrum When the Federation tried to contact the pre-industrial society on Rubicun III, the Edo Probe demanded in ship-shuddering tones that Jean-Luc Picard "State the purpose!" Edo Probe Alternatue Universe
In 2370, following the suicide of partially empathic Lt. Daniel Kwan, Deanna Troi experienced visions of a past murder, reliving it through the participants' eyes.
Empathic Echo
Unless INTEGRITY>40, this ship must do nothing but chase (at normal speed) and attack one of your opponent's ships (your choice). Discard dilemma.
Rarity: C
Abandon mission attempt until any player has completed a different mission OR continue but lose points if you fail this turn.
Points: -10
Rarity: U
One personnel present with Empathy (random selection) is killed unless SECURITY and MEDICAL present.
Rarity: R
Planet Dilemma Ferengi Attack Space/Planet Dilemma Frame of Mind Planet Dilemma Hidden Entrance
Ferengi attacked a Federation Away Team on a planet in the Delphi Ardu system using "whips" which fire discharges of high-energy plasma. Ferengi Attack Alternatue Universe
William Riker was captured in 2369 on Tilonus IV, tortured with neurosomatic techniques and made to believe he was someone else - until his illusions were shattered.
Frame of Mind Using his visor, Geordi La Forge discovered a doorway to an underground android laboratory hidden in a rock wall on Omicron Theta in 2364. Hidden Entrance
Kills one Away Team member (opponent's choice) unless total CUNNING + STRENGTH>68 OR Greed present. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: C
One Away Team member (random selection) now becomes non-aligned with attributes of 3-3-3 and only two skills (opponent's choice). Cure with 3 Empathy present.
Rarity: U
To locate the concealed entrance and continue, Away Team must have Geordi La Forge OR ENGINEER + CUNNING>32.
Rarity: C
Planet Dilemma Hunter Gangs Space/Planet Dilemma Interphasic Plasma Creatures Planet Dilemma Malfunctioning Door
On some planets, civilization has devolved into a bitter struggle for survival. Violent gangs search for prey, such as those which chased Natasha Yar on Turkana IV. Hunter Gangs Alternatue Universe
Organisms from just beyond the range of visual acuity sucked cellular peptides from the U.S.S. Enterprise crew, similar to the way Terran leaches consume hemoglobin.
Interphasic Plasma Creatures At times, Away Teams must open obstructed doors in confined passageways by hand, as did Lt. Commander Data on stardate 41503.7. Malfunctioning Door
Two Away Team members (random selection) are chased. Examine cards separately. Personnel escapes if CUNNING even, killed if odd. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: C
Unless 2 SCIENCE or Mindmeld present, play on table as an Event card. While in play, lowers STRENGTH of each of your personnel by 2. (Not cumulative.)
Rarity: C
To get through door, must have Soong-Type Android present OR a combined STRENGTH>27 from up to four Away Team members.
Rarity: C
Space Dilemma Maman Picard Space/Planet Dilemma Outpost Raid Planet Dilemma Parallel Romance
Alternatue Universe
At the place where ideas and reality intermix, Jean-Luc Picard saw his mother Yvette Gessard Picard, who asked, "(Is this) the end of the universe, or… the beginning?"
Maman Picard Rogue Borg conducted a brief but deadly raid on the remote Federation outpost Ohniaka III in 2369. 274 personnel were lost. Outpost Raid Alternatue Universe
Relationships in parallel universes take different courses. In one, Worf and Deanna Troi were married and had two children: Shanara, 2, and Eric Christopher, 3.
Parallel Romance
If this is a Federation ship, immediately transport it to any end of the spaceline (opponent's choice).
Rarity: U
If at your outpost: two personnel are killed (opponent's choice) unless STRENGTH>81. Discard dilemma. OR Elsewhere: requires STRENGTH>18 to pass.
Rarity: C
If present, one male and one female (random selection) have affair. They are STRENGTH -2 each and stopped now and for your next two full turns.
Rarity: U
Planet Dilemma Punishment Zone Space Dilemma Quantum Singularity Lifeforms Space Dilemma Rascals
On Rubicun III, mediators arrested Wesley Crusher when he fell into a garden. He was designated for death, which created a Prime Directive dilemma for Jean-Luc Picard. Punishment Zone Alternatue Universe
Sentient dimensional beings whose young incubate in black holes. When nesting in a Romulan ship's artificial singularity engine, a frozen-time effect occurs.
Quantum Singularity Lifeforms Passing through a molecular reversion field in a shuttle, Guinan, Ro Laren, Keiko O'Brien and Jean-Luc Picard reverted to children's bodies but retained adult knowledge. Rascals
One Away Team member (random selection) is killed OR beam up that personnel at a penalty. Double penalty if Federation.
Points: -5
Rarity: C
If a Romulan ship present, all ships and personnel here are placed in stasis. Cure with Emergency Transporter Armbands, Timepod Ring or new ENGINEER arriving.
Rarity: U
All unique crew members (maximum of 4, random selection) are kids. STRENGTH=2 and Youth replaces first-listed skill. Cure with 2 MEDICAL and Biology.
Rarity: U
Planet Dilemma Royale Casino: Blackjack Planet Dilemma The Gatherers Space/Planet Dilemma The Higher… The Fewer
Alternatue Universe
Lt. Commander Data played blackjack while trapped in the surreal casino of the Hotel Royale. Tex said, "Boy, you have got the brass…" Data said, "Hit me."
Royale Casino: Blackjack Nomadic marauders and thieves from Acamar III. "We Gatherers value our freedom. We do what we want and we answer to no creature." The Gatherers The Parallax Poet's cosmic lesson for Alexander was, "Every moment requires a purpose. Every purpose requires a plan. The Higher… The Fewer." The Higher… The Fewer
Play one game of blackjack, using CUNNING numbers. Players must show entire hand. Closest to 21 without going over wins points. Others lose points. Ties=0.
Points: 5 or -5
Rarity: U
Unless Marouk OR INTEGRITY>36 present, discard all Equipment and Artifacts in Away Team, plus one card (random selection) from your hand. Discard dilemma.
Rarity: C
Subtract X from your total score, where X=the number of personnel in this crew or Away Team.
Points: X
Rarity: U
Space/Planet Dilemma Thought Fire Planet Dilemma Worshiper Planet Dilemma Zaldan
Alternatue Universe
In 2364, The Traveler took the U.S.S. Enterprise to a place where ideas and reality intermix. In such a place, one's own thoughts can be deadly.
Thought Fire Advanced technology often causes natives to believe personnel are divine, as occurred for the U.S.S. Enterprise crew on Mintaka III and other worlds. Worshiper Zaldans, who look human except for their webbed fingers, are infuriated by courtesy. They view it as insulting dishonesty. Zaldan
If The Traveler: Transcendence is affecting you, all crew members here with (CUNNING+INTEGRITY)<12 are killed unless Empathy present.
Rarity: C
If Away Team's Greed>Honor, score bonus points. Otherwise, Away Team is stopped unless Edo Vessel or Anthropology present. Discard dilemma.
Points: 5
Rarity: C
Unless Treachery x2, Disruptors, Wesley Crusher or Exobiology present, two Away Team members with Diplomacy (random selection) are killed.
Rarity: U


Doorway Alternate Universe Door Doorway Devidian Door  
  Alternate Universe Door   Devidian Door  
Place one on table during the seed phase. Door is now open, allowing your Alternatue Universe icon cards to enter play. OR Stock in deck and use as follows: Plays to nullify one Revolving Door or Subspace Schism. (Discard doorway.) OR Allows one ship to pass through Q-Net. (Discard doorway.) OR Nullify one Temporal Rift, and return doorway to your hand.
Rarity: C
Alternatue Universe
Allows you to play a card "from the future." Whether or not you currently have a Devidian Door in your hand, at any time say "Devidian Door" and play (to anywhere) one Personnel or Equipment card from your hand. However, any time during your next turn, you must show opponent a Devidian Door from hand and place it out-of-play, or you lose the game.

Rarity: R


Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone I.P. Scanner  
Alternatue Universe
A deadly hovering anti-personnel device with the ability to fire phasers and to anticipate and adapt to its target's defenses. Created by the Arsenal of Freedom on Minos.
Devidian Door Alternatue Universe
Representative of Personal Access Display Devices designed specifically for engineering functions. Such equipment has been developed by many races.
I.P. Scanner  
Use during Away Team and Rogue Borg battles. First time used in battle, STRENGTH=10. Next time used in a separate battle, STRENGTH=20, etc.
Rarity: C
Where present, nullifies Interphasic Plasma Creatures, Brain Drain and Phased Matter.
Rarity: C


Event Baryon Buildup Event Captain's Log Event Engage Shuttle Operations
Baryon particles build up on a ship's hull after prolonged warp travel. Particles must be periodically removed with a baryon sweep, which requires evacuation of the ship. Baryon Buildup A commanding officer's journal of events. While on the surface of El-Adrel IV, Tamarian Captain Dathon made entries into his log by hand. Captain's Log Most major starships are outfitted with shuttle hangars and equipment necessary to launch and recover shuttlecraft. Engage Shuttle Operations
Plays on ship. RANGE is reduced by 2. (Cumulative.) Remove by returning to outpost and evacuating ship until beginning of following turn.
Rarity: C
Plays on table. Any of your personnel aboard a ship he or she commanded or captained (as referenced in ship lore) raises SHIELDS +3 and WEAPONS +3. (Not cumulative.)
Rarity: U
Plays on table. Shuttlecraft may be carried and launched from your ships (if tractor beams and ENGINEER present) AND land on planets (requires their total RANGE).
Rarity: U
Event Interrogation Event Intruder Force Field Event Klim Dokachin
In violation of the Seldonis IV convention, Gul Madred interrogated Jean-Luc Picard, seeking Starfleet strategic secrets. He kept asking, "How many lights do you see?" Interrogation With one look from Jean-Luc Picard, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew captured two alien intruders in a force field on the bridge - turnabout for their own kidnapping activities. Intruder Force Field Zakdorn quartermaster controlling the Starfleet surplus depot at Qualor II. A typical bureaucrat of the type that delights in delays that make life difficult for officers. Klim Dokachin
Plays on one personnel you've captured. Each turn, ask opponent, "How many lights do you see?" If reply is "Five", return captive to outpost, score 10 points. Otherwise, score 1 point, retain captive.
Rarity: R
Plays on table. While in play, reverses Telepathic Alien Kidnappers affecting you AND Rogue Borg invading your ships must be 3 or more to be effective.
Rarity: U
Plays on table. When opponent reports a unique personnel for duty, opponent draws no cards at end of that turn.
Rarity: U
Event Lower Decks Event Mot's Advice Event Particle Scattering Field
Junior officers aboard all starships cooperate in their duties while competing for promotion and advancement, such as Ensigns Taurik, Sito, Lavelle and Ogawa. Lower Decks Mr. Mot offered sage advice to his customers on a variety of subjects, but there was only one thing you could really learn from him. Mot's Advice A Tamarian Ship used a particle scattering field to change the atmosphere of El-Adrel IV, stranding Jean-Luc Picard and Dathon on the planet in 2368. Particle Scattering Field
Plays on table. While in play, all your non-holographic, universal personnel are each CUNNING +2, INTEGRITY +2 and STRENGTH +2. (Not cumulative.)
Rarity: U
Plays on any one personnel. While in play, that personnel gains the skill of Barbering.
Rarity: U
Plays on one of your ships with a Particle Scattering Device. No beaming to or from a planet is allowed where ship present. You may discard Field at any time.
Rarity: C
Event Revolving Door Event Rishon Uxbridge Event The Charybdis
A surreal door created by an unknown alien intelligence, found by the U.S.S. Enterprise on Theta 116 VIII. Open to entry but seemingly closed to exit. Revolving Door Alternatue Universe
In his grief, the Douwd Kevin Uxbridge re-created his dead wife, Rishon. As if she were real, he responded to her stubborn tendency to keep him calm at tense moments.
Rishon Uxbridge This wreckage was quickly dated to 2033-2079 due to its 52 star American flag, an example of the importance of such knowledge when dealing with ancient artifacts. The Charybdis
Plays on any Doorway card or Iconian Gateway. It is now closed. OR Nullifies another Revolving Door (discard both) and "re-opens" card underneath.
Rarity: R
Plays atop one Event card in play. Protects the underlying event from Kevin Uxbridge. However, Kevin Uxbridge may remove (discard) Rishon. (Not cumulative.)
Rarity: C
Plays on table. Artifacts at completed missions cannot be acquired until Archaeology present. (If Charybdis destroyed, anyone present may acquire artifact.)
Rarity: U
Event The Mask of Korgano Event Thermal Deflectors Event Wartime Conditions
In legend, Masaka was chased by Korgano across the sky like the Terran moon chases the sun. Jean-Luc Picard masked himself as Korgano to fool Masaka. The Mask of Korgano Away Teams from the U.S.S. Enterprise used an array of Thermal Deflectors to delay Bersallis III firestorms long enough to allow evacuation of the population. Thermal Deflectors Alternatue Universe
In an alternate timeline caused by the events of Narendra III, the Federation entered into war against the Klingon Empire. 40 billion lives were lost.
Wartime Conditions
Plays on one of your personnel. While in play, changes it from normal to Alternatue Universe icon personnel, or vice versa.
Rarity: C
Plays on table. While in play, nullifies Firestorm, Thought Fire, Plasma Fire, Fire Sculptor, and Phaser Burns.
Rarity: U
Plays on table only if a Federation ship is attacked by another ship. While in play, the Federation may battle the attacking ship's affiliation at will.
Rarity: R
Event Yellow Alert  
State of increased readiness and watchfulness. Declared by a captain in anticipation of danger or when a crisis situation has lessened. Yellow Alert  
Plays on table. While in play, cancels (discard) and prevents Red Alerts AND all your Personnel are each CUNNING +1 (Not cumulative.)
Rarity: C


Neutral Round Neutral Outpost  
A common space station design used by many races for research or trade. Personnel and ships from all affiliations are frequent visitors at such facilities. Neutral Outpost  
Seed one at any Space location OR build later at a Space location where any ENGINEER is present. No repairs here.
Neutral Round OUTPOST SHIELDS 24

Rarity: C


Interrupt Anti-Matter Spread Interrupt Barclay Transporter Phobia Interrupt Brain Drain
Using harmless anti-matter explosives in a pyrotechnic display, acting-captain William Riker implemented a "brilliantly unorthodox" plan to confuse the Borg in battle. Anti-Matter Spread Lt. Reginald Barclay refused to transport out of fear. When forced to transport in 2369, he saw creatures in the beam and believed he had transporter psychosis. Barclay Transporter Phobia Alternatue Universe
In Lt. Commander Data's dream, his perception of the leach-like [sic] interphasic creatures aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise was symbolized by the surreal actions of his friends.
Brain Drain
Plays at start of ship battle. For this battle, opposing ships' WEAPONS -1 for each personnel aboard with CUNNING<8 OR Borg Ship WEAPONS=16 this turn.
Rarity: C
Plays during transport by beaming, Dimensional Shifting or Iconian Gateway. One personnel (random selection) refuses all transport until cured with Plexing.
Rarity: U
Remove all skills and CUNNING from any one personnel for the rest of turn. OR Doubles effects of Interphasic Plasma Creatures.
Rarity: U
Interrupt Countermanda Interrupt Dead in Bed Interrupt Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow
A Federation student intern when she discovered her true identity as a Q, Amanda took a dim view of the over-manipulative use of power upon other species. Countermanda Alternatue Universe
Astronaut Colonel Stephen Richey was found 283 years after his death on Theta 116 VIII. He was caught in an unchanging eternal trap created by well-meaning aliens.
Dead in Bed The U.S.S. Enterprise destroyed a radioactive garbage scow by towing it into a sun. It could have been destroyed in place, bit the act would have contaminated Gamelan V. Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow
Nullifies Telepathic Alien Kidnappers OR if opponent just played Res-Q or Palor Toff, suspend that action, look through opponent's discard pile and put any three cards out-of-play.
Rarity: C
Kills any one personnel currently in stasis.
Rarity: U
Plays to discard Scow. Kills all personnel at that location unless aboard ship or Thermal Deflectors present. If mission not done yet, reduce its points.
Points: -10
Rarity: C
Interrupt Devidian Foragers Interrupt Eyes in the Dark Interrupt Fire Sculptor
Alternatue Universe
Disguised beings from Devidia II traveled to troubled times and squalid places to steal and consume neural energy from souls who would not be missed.
Devidian Foragers Alternatue Universe
Deanna Troi saved the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2367 by communicating through nightmarish visions with a telepathic species on the other side of a Tyken's Rift.
Eyes in the Dark Native of the Parallax Colony who created intricate and artistic designs in the air with fire. Fire Sculptor
Look through any one discard pile and place two personnel out-of-play. Add their attribute numbers to one of your Alternatue Universe icon personnel for this turn.
Rarity: C
Plays when facing a dilemma. If Empathy present, add the skills and attribute numbers of one personnel (random selection) from any opponent's ship (your choice).
Rarity: C
Plays on Plasma Fire or Warp Core Breach to move onto nearest opponent's ship. OR "Melt" (place out-of-play) one card in any discard pile.
Rarity: C
Interrupt Hail Interrupt Howard Heirloom Candle Interrupt Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Using a universal translator and other communication technology, such as at Worf's station aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, starships can greet any ships they encounter. Hail The anaphasic organism appearing as Ronin lived in and drew power from this special candle. Howard Heirloom Candle A reef triggerfish, Rhinecamthus aculeatus, found near Earth's tropical islands. An animated version is a symbolic "guide" on the U.S.S. Enterprise schoolroom computers. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Plays on any ship "flying by" one of your ships; it must stop at your location. OR Select two ships; they cannot battle each other this turn.
Rarity: C
Plays to double effects of Anaphasic Organism or Empathic Echo OR nullifies Coalescent Organism OR prevents Anya or Salia from morphing this turn.
Rarity: C
Plays on any location. For this turn: Your personnel with Youth are CUNNING +4 and STRENGTH +4. Opponent's non-aligned personnel are CUNNING -4 and STRENGTH -4.
Rarity: C
Interrupt Incoming Message: Attack Authorization Interrupt Isabella Interrupt Jamaharon
On several occasions, for purposes of Federation security, Starfleet Command has reluctantly or mistakenly ordered captains to attack certain enemy or rogue ships. Incoming Message: Attack Authorization At the FGC-47 nebula, the U.S.S. Enterprise encountered an energy being who took the form of a child's imaginary friend. It judged the crew from that perspective. Isabella A mysterious sexual ritual from Risa. One signifies desire for Jamaharon by displaying a Horga'hn, as Jean-Luc Picard did accidentally in 2366, thereby attracting Joval. Jamaharon
Plays on any Federation ship. If Treachery aboard, "This ship must immediately attack one ship (your choice) at this location." May ignore if V.I.P. aboard.
Rarity: U
Plays on any non-Borg ship at a nebula; it is destroyed unless Youth aboard by end of your next turn. OR Kill any one Greed personnel who just exploited a Worshiper.
Rarity: U
Nullifies Horga'hn OR nullifies Parallel Romance OR if planet Risa is on spaceline, immediately move any one male personnel alone on a planet to Risa.
Rarity: C
Interrupt Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence Interrupt La Forge Maneuver Interrupt Latinum Payoff
A Douwd, a race of sentient energy beings of "disguises and false surroundings." He is capable of using his enormous powers to stop threats with a single thought. Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence When attacked by a powerful cloaked drone at Minos, acting-captain Geordi La Forge used atmospheric turbulence to locate and target the hidden enemy. La Forge Maneuver Gold-pressed latinum, which cannot be replicated, is a valuable metal used as currency in many less-developed sectors, primarily outside Federation space. Latinum Payoff
Destroys all Event cards in play at any one spaceline location (including those on ships).
Rarity: C
Plays to expose any one cloaked ship at a planet location. It is vulnerable (as if it were decloaked) if the next action is an attack against that ship.
Rarity: U
Plays if Greed aboard your ship when it destroys another ship in battle. X=3 bonus points for each OFFICER aboard destroyed ship (Not cumulative.)
Points: X
Rarity: C
Interrupt Phaser Burns Interrupt Rescue Captives Interrupt Romulan Ambush
Even on stun settings, phased energy weapons can cause severe injuries and burns if not fired judiciously in bursts. Phaser Burns Away Teams led by Security Chiefs like Tasha Yar have at times been sent to rescue captured personnel, as on this occasion at Mordan IV in 2364. Rescue Captives In 2367, Geordi La Forge was captured by a Romulan ship while piloting a shuttle to Risa. He was brainwashed into an assassination plot against Klingon Governor Vagh. Romulan Ambush
If you have phasers or disruptors present during an Away Team battle, before a winner is determined randomly select two opposing personnel to die.
Rarity: C
All your personnel currently held captive are returned to your outpost(s), nullifying Interrogation, Brainwash and Torture, if any or all are in progress.
Rarity: U
Destroys opponent's ship with SHIELDS<6 present with your D'deridex-class ship. Crew killed, except one personnel (your choice) is made captive.
Rarity: U
Interrupt Security Sacrifice Interrupt Seize Wesley Interrupt Senior Staff Meeting
Charged with ship and mission safety, security personnel are willing to voluntarily expose themselves to hazards or threats, as Tasha Yar did on many occasions. Security Sacrifice Influenced by the Ktarian Game, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise chased and captured the last unaffected human crew member… Wesley Crusher. Seize Wesley Standard operating procedure on starships is to call a meeting of senior officers or department heads to help find solutions of paramount problems. Senior Staff Meeting
One SECURITY personnel present may sacrifice (substitute) for another personnel who has been randomly selected to die.
Rarity: C
Plays on opponent's ship under influence of Ktarian Game dilemma. All remaining personnel are disabled. If Wesley Crusher aboard, he is made your captive.
Rarity: R
Plays on ship with OFFICER, ENGINEER, MEDICAL, SCIENCE and SECURITY aboard, just before the initial attempt of a space mission. First dilemma encountered is discarded.
Rarity: U
Interrupt Temporal Narcosis Interrupt Thine Own Self Interrupt Vorgon Raiders
Alternatue Universe
Debilitating disorientation caused by prolonged exposure to a temporal disturbance, similar to nitrogen narcosis ("the bends"). Jean-Luc Picard experienced this in 2369.
Temporal Narcosis Attempting a mission with only a few personnel is dangerous. Lt. Commander Data suffered amnesia while alone on Barkon IV. He was lost and eventually "killed." Thine Own Self Alternatue Universe
In 2366, two Vorgons from the 27th century attempted to steal the Tox Uthat artifact uncovered on Risa by Jean-Luc Picard and Vash.
Vorgon Raiders
Plays when opponent is using Horga'hn, Revolving Door, Emergency Transporter Armbands or Energy Vortex. Your next turn take a double turn.
Rarity: U
Plays on opponent's one- or two-person Away Team. Away Team is "lost" (place under mission). Rescued if owner later completes mission. Captured if you do.
Rarity: C
If you have Ajur and Boratus together in play, discard them and "steal" (use as your own) any one artifact in play or just played as an Interrupt card.
Rarity: R
Interrupt Vulcan Nerve Pinch Interrupt Wolf  
Vulcans are the only species known to use this method of rendering an opponent unconscious. However, Lt. Commander Data was able to master the technique. Vulcan Nerve Pinch Alternatue Universe
Lwaxana Troi suffered a collapse as a Betazoid defense from psychic trauma. The wolf symbolized a barrier in her metaconscious mind.
Plays at start of Away Team or Rogue Borg battle. Each Vulcan or Soong-Type Android present may place one personnel (random selection) in stasis until the end of your next turn.
Rarity: C
Saves any personnel with Empathy who has been randomly selected to die or to be captured. OR Nullifies Barclay Transporter Phobia.
Rarity: U


Planet Mission Brute Force Space Dilemma Compromised Mission Planet Mission Diplomatic Conference
Valt Minor: Suppress Kriosian rebels seeking foothold here.

STRENGTH>10 x number of Away Team members (minimum 3 personnel).
Brute Force Sector 2520: Rush to plug information leaks occurring from this remote border sector.

Treachery x 2 + Computer Skill + STRENGTH>35
Compromised Mission Parliament: Participate in historic interstellar conference at this neutral diplomatic site.

One V.I.P. from each of three affiliations + one non-aligned V.I.P.
Diplomatic Conference
Klingon Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3
Rarity: R
Player: Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 35  Span: 4
Opponents: Federation Mission  Points: 35  Span: 4
Rarity: R
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 60  Span: 4
Rarity: R
Space Dilemma FGC-47 Research Space Dilemma Fissure Research Planet Mission Qualor II Rendezvous
FGC-47: Study interior of nebula filled with energy strands that obstruct navigation.

Diplomacy + Youth x2
X = 6 minus each Navigation aboard ship.
FGC-47 Research Forkus Sector: Investigate quantum fissure between parallel universes reported here.

Astrophysics + Physics + 3 Alternatue Universeicon Personnel
Fissure Research Qualor II: Rendezvous with nefarious merchants at squalid camp.

Treachery + Greed OR Amarie
Qualor II Rendezvous
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 30  Span: X
Rarity: R
Federation Mission Romulan Mission Klingon Mission  Points: 35  Span: 3
Rarity: R
Noon-Aligned Mission  Points: 30  Span: 4
Rarity: U
Space Dilemma Quash Conspiracy Planet Mission Reunion Planet Mission Risa Shore Leave
Borka System: Negate Vulcan underground operation here.

Tal Shiar + INTEGRITY<21
No ship-to-ship beaming at this location.
Quash Conspiracy Utopia Planitia, Mars Station: Transport famous officers to a reunion

Miracle Worker OR Cantankerousness OR Spock
X = 15 points if one present, 40 if all three.
Reunion Risa: Have a good, relaxing holiday on the pleasure planet.

Music + Youth + CIVILIAN x2 + Female + Male
Risa Shore Leave
Romulan Mission  Points: 40  Span: 3
Rarity: R
Federation Mission  Points: X  Span: 3
Rarity: R
Federation Mission  Points: 30  Span: 3
Rarity: R
Space Dilemma Warped Space    
Amargosa Diaspora: Investigate gravity wells in globular cluster.

SCIENCE x2 + Navigation + Astrophysics
Warped Space  
Player side: Klingon Mission  Points: 40  Span: 5
Opponents: Klingon Mission  Points: 40  Span: 1
Rarity: R


Federation Beverly Picard Federation Ian Andrew Troi Federation Jack Crusher
Command Alternatue Universe OFFICER
Captain of medical ship U.S.S. Pasteur in 2395 in an alternate timeline. Although divorced from Jean-Luc Picard, she never could say no to him.
Command Alternatue Universe OFFICER
Human husband of Lwaxana. Father of Deanna. Seen in Lwaxana's surreal vision of home at Lake El'nar, Betazed. Friend of Steven Miller and Reittan Grax.
Command Alternatue Universe OFFICER
Lt. Commander aboard U.S.S. Stargazer under best friend Jean-Luc Picard. Husband of Beverly Crusher. Advised their son Wesley to seek his own way.
Jack Crusher
Red Dot MEDICAL x2 Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Biology


Rarity: R
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Music
Red Dot Computer Skill


Rarity: R
Red Dot Honor Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot Music
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Computer Skill


Rarity: R
Federation Lt. (j.g.) Picard Federation Montgomery Scott Federation ❖ Paul Rice
Staff Alternatue Universe SCIENCE
Jean-Luc Picard regretted his reckless youth until Q's alternate timeline antics revealed that he would have been a mere assistant astrophysics officer.
Lt. (j.g.) Picard Command ENGINEER
Chief Engineer of original U.S.S. Enterprise. Rescued in 2369 after spending 75 years in a transporter pattern buffer aboard the crashed U.S.S. Jenolen.
Montgomery Scott Command Hologram OFFICER
A highly regarded risk-taker. Captained the U.S.S. Drake, lost at Minos in 2364. Former classmate of William Riker. Re-created by the Arsenal of Freedom.
Paul Rice
Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Navigation


Rarity: U
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Miracle Worker


Rarity: C

Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Computer Skill
Red Dot Nullifies one Echo Papa 607 where present.


Rarity: U
Federation Rachel Garrett Federation Richard Castillo Federation Tasha Yar-Alternate
Command Alternatue Universe OFFICER
Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise-C when it entered a temporal rift during the Battle of Narendra III in 2344. Ordered a return to the historic battle from 2366.
Rachel Garrett Command Alternatue Universe OFFICER
Lieutenant and helm officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-C. In 2366, served as liaison with U.S.S. Enterprise-D. Romantically involved with Tasha Yar.
Richard Castillo Staff Alternatue Universe SECURITY
Traveled to 2344 and helped prevent a disastrous war. Survivor of the Battle of Narendra III. Consort of Romulan general. Mother of Sela.
Tasha Yar-Alternate
Red Dot Honor Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Leadership
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Astrophysics


Rarity: R
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Navigation


Rarity: U
Red Dot Honor Red Dot Leadership
Red Dot Armed with Starfleet Type II Phaser.


Rarity: R


Klingon Governor Worf Klingon K'mtar Klingon ❖ Targ
Command Alternatue Universe V.I.P.
Former member of the Klingon High Council in an alternate timeline in which, by 2395, the Klingons had taken over the Romulan Empire.
Governor Worf Command Alternatue Universe V.I.P.
Worf's son Alexander returned from 40 years in the future to influence his younger self to embrace the way of the warrior and avoid life as a peacemaker.
Horned, furry, ferocious boar-like animal. A popular Klingon pet. Lieutenant Worf had one as a child. Heart of Targ is a Klingon delicacy. This one is male.
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Honor x2 Red Dot Navigation
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership


Rarity: R
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Attributes all +5 if with Alexande Rozhenko.


Rarity: R
Red Dot All non-Targ Klingons STRENGTH +1 where present.
Red Dot Nullifies one just-played Rogue Borg where present.


Rarity: C


Non-Aligned Ajur Non-Aligned Berlingoff Rasmussen Non-Aligned Boratus
Staff Alternatue Universe SECURITY
A female Vorgon criminal from the 27th century who ruthlessly sought artifacts with partner Boratus. Hunted the Tox Uthat by returning to 2366.
Ajur Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
A thief from 22nd century New Jersey. Stole a time travel pod. Tried to pass as a 26th century historian to the crew of the 24th century U.S.S. Enterprise.
Berlingoff Rasmussen Alternatue Universe SECURITY
Male Vorgon criminal from the future. Aims to steal artifacts with partner Ajur. Once hunted the Tox Uthat discovered by Jean-Luc Picard on Risa.
Red Dot Once per game, if alone with Archaeology on a planet, may destroy all but 3 seed cards there (random selection).


Rarity: U
Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Archaeology Red Dot Greed
Red Dot May nullify Time Travel Pod if present. (Discard both.)


Rarity: R
Red Dot Once per game, if alone with Archaeology on a planet, may destroy all but 3 seed cards there (random selection).


Rarity: U
Non-Aligned Dathon Non-Aligned Lakanta Non-Aligned Maques
"Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. The beast of Tanagra. Rosani, his army. Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel. Sokath, his eyes uncovered!"
Staff Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
Male of American Indian descent. Actually The Traveler in disguise. Wesley Crusher left Starfleet Academy to study transcendence of thought with him.
Lakanta V.I.P.
Male leader of the Cairn, a telepathic species who had no concept of spoken language until Federation contact was initiated by Lwaxana Troi in 2370.
Red Dot Diplomacy x2 Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Nullifies Tamarian-related dilemmas where present.


Rarity: R
Red Dot Ship he is on can leave one end of spaceline and enter other end. Wesley Crusher attributes +4, if present.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Empathy Red Dot Diplomacy


Rarity: U
Non-Aligned Mickey D.  
Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
Villain of Hotel Royale, an early 21st century pulp novel written by Todd Matthews about shady casino characters. Made real by unknown intelligence.
Mickey D.  
Red Dot Treachery
Red Dot Automatically wins Royale Casino side games, if present.


Rarity: U


Romulan Commander Tomalak Romulan D'Tan RomulanFederation Major Rakal
Command Alternatue Universe OFFICER
In an alternate future, the nemesis of the U.S.S. Enterprise confronted Captain Picard but cooperated to investigate an anomaly in the Neutral Zone.
Commander Tomalak CIVILIAN
Romulan boy. A bright and active member of Spock's underground. Once showed Spock Romulan artifacts depicting the syllabic nucleus of the Vulcan alphabet.

D'Tan Command Alternatue Universe V.I.P.
Physically altered, Deanna Troi was coerced to assume the identity of a Tal Shiar major in the 2369 M'ret defection plot.
Major Rakal
Red Dot Diplomacy Red Dot Leadership


Rarity: R
Red Dot Youth Red Dot Archaeology
Red Dot Where present, Romulans without Treachery are INTEGRITY +1.


Rarity: U
Red Dot Romulan: Tal Shiar, Empathy, Treachery
Red Dot Federation: Empathy, Diplomacy, INTEGRITY +4, CUNNING -1


Rarity: R
RomulanFederation Stefan DeSeve  
Staff Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
Former Federation officer who defected to Romulus in 2349. Later, apparently had second thoughts. Joined Spock's Romulan underground in 2369
Stefan DeSeve  
Red Dot Romulan: Treachery, Greed
Red Dot Federation: OFFICER, Treachery, INTEGRITY -1


Rarity: R


Federation Future Enterprise Federation U.S.S. Enterprise-C  
Alternatue Universe GALAXY CLASS
Commanded by Admiral Riker in an alternate future. U.S.S. Enterprise-D was fitted with a third warp engine nacelle, greatly enhancing its speed and power.
Future Enterprise Alternatue Universe AMBASSADOR CLASS
Predecessor of U.S.S. Enterprise-D. Famous for heroic action in Battle of Narendra III, where it also entered a temporal rift. Commanded by Rachel Garrett.
U.S.S. Enterprise-C  
Command Alternatue Universe Alternatue Universe Alternatue Universe Cloaking Device, Holodeck, Tractor Beam


Rarity: UR
Command Staff Alternatue Universe Enters play damaged at any location. Tractor Beam


Rarity: R


Klingon I.K.C. Fek'lhr Klingon I.K.C. K'Ratak  
Alternatue Universe VOODIEH CLASS
Destroyed U.S.S. Pasteur in an alternate future, only to be thwarted by the future Enterprise. Named for the ferocious guardian of Gre'thor.
Bird-of-Prey named in honor of the author of the classic work of Klingon literature, The Dream of the Fire.
I.K.C. K'Ratak  
Command Staff Alternatue Universe Alternatue Universe Cloaking Device, Holodeck, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
Staff Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam


Rarity: C


Non-Aligned Edo Vessel Non-Aligned Gomtuu Non-Aligned Tama
Alternatue Universe UNKNOWN CLASS
A ship discovered in 2364 by the U.S.S. Enterprise to be protecting the peaceful society on Rubicun III. It was described as "half in, half out of our universe."
Lifeform that normally exists in symbiotic empathic connection with its crew. Gomtuu's crew died prior to its discovery in 2366. Commanded by Tam Elbrun.
"Children of Tama. Vorath's sword raised high. Dathon, speaking first. Tama and Enterprise at El-Adrel. Tama's tears, shivering in the wind."
Staff Alternatue Universe Alternatue Universe X=8 However, there is always a 50/50 chance any attack is nullified.


Rarity: R
Empathy x2 If staffed, immune to Supernova. *If target has SHIELDS<9, hurl it up to 9 span.


Rarity: R
Command Staff Particle Scattering Device


Rarity: U


Romulan Decius  
Alternatue Universe D'DERIDEX CLASS
Powerful ship created in Barash's illusion. Commanded by Tomalak. Transported Admiral Picard and Deanna Troi to a Romulan peace conference.
Command Staff Alternatue Universe Cloaking Device, Holodeck, Tractor Beam


Rarity: R
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