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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - Second Anthology

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition Second Anthology  

Each Second Anthology set contains two Starter Deck II packs, two booster packs each of First Contact, Deep Space Nine and Dominon, a complete card list of all cards released March 2000 along with the six black-bordered premium cards (not included in any previous or future set) listed below.

Copyright Line - TM & © 1999 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 1999 DECIPHER INC.

Personnel - Bajoran

Personnel - Cardassian

Personnel - Dominion

Bajoran Vedek Dax Cardassian Legate Damar Dominion Bashir Founder
Trill with symbiont. Jadzia Dax posed as a vedek to sneak Kira Nerys past members of the Circle and into the Chamber of Ministers. Joked about keeping the nose.
Vedek Dax Command V.I.P.
Damar became legate in 2374. Weary of Dominion rule, he led the resistance effort to free Cardassia in 2375. Rumored to have secret mountain stronghold.
Legate Damar StaffFederation Infiltrator Gamma Quadrant MEDICAL
Changeling posing as Julian Bashir. Tried to destroy an entire fleet by causing the Bajoran sun to go nova.
Bashir Founder
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Anthropology Red Dot Physics
Red Dot
Navigation Red Dot Exobiology


Rarity: P
Red Dot Leadership x2 Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Honor
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Physics Download For Cardassia!


Rarity: P
Red Dot MEDICAL Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Biology Red Dot Treachery
Download Supernova (Tox Uthat not required; opponent must have total usable WEAPONS>36 at this location).


Rarity: P

Personnel - Federation

Personnel - Klingon

Personnel - Romulan / Federation

Federation Luther Sloan Klingon Jodmos RomulanFederation Koval
Section 31 operative. Secretive man with seemingly limitless access. Attempted to recruit Julian Bashir. Involved in infecting Odo with the changeling virus.
Luther Sloan Command OFFICER
The human Benjamin Sisko assumed the identity of Jodmos, son of Kobor, to help rid the Klingon Empire of a suspected changeling at Ty'Gokor.
Jodmos Command V.I.IP
Chairman of the Tal Shiar. Seeks appointment to the Continuing Committee. Suffers from Tuvan Syndrome. Conspired with Sloan to bring down Senator Cretak.
Red Dot Section 31 x2 Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot May report anywhere.


Rarity: P
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot Navigation Red Dot Honor
Red Dot May stun adversary without Honor he just engaged.


Rarity: P
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Treachery Red Dot Tal Shiar (when [Rom]). x2
Red Dot Exobiology Red Dot Your Tal Shiar may report here.


Rarity: P
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