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Star Trek Customizable Card Game, First Edition - First Anthology

Decipher Star Trek CCG 1st Edition First Anthology  

Each First Anthology set contains; two white border Premiere 60-card starter sets; two booster packs of white border Premiere; two booster packs each of Alternate Universe and Q-Continuum; one Warp Pack; a $10 rebate voucher redeemable against the purchase of the Star Trek CCG Fajo Collection; a revised rules supplement; a durable 800-card storage box; and the six white-bordered preview cards listed below. Cards in this set are not numbered.

Copyright Line - TM & © 1997 PAR. PIC.  TM & © 1997 DECIPHER. INC.


Personnel - Cardassian/Non-Aligned

Personnel - Federation

Artifact Orb of Prophecy and Change CardassianNon-Aligned Garak Federation Ensign Tuvok
Third of the nine mysterious energy vortices called Tears of the Prophets by the Bajorans. Grants visions of the future. Only Orb not stolen by Cardassians during the occupation. Orb Staff Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
Cardassian male. Virtual player in the Vorta scenario testing the resolve of Alpha Quadrant species. Risked his life in the defense of his comrades.
Garak Staff Alternatue Universe Classic Films SCIENCE
29-year-old Vulcan on first deep space assignment aboard Captain Sulu's U.S.S. Excelsior in 2293. Joined Starfleet under pressure from his parents.
Use as Equipment card. Once each turn, you may glance at the top card of your draw deck. Insert it anywhere within your draw deck if you wish. (Not duplicatable.)
Rarity: P
Red Dot SECURITY Red Dot Computer Skill Red Dot Honor
Red Dot May replace anyone randomly selected to die here.


Rarity: P
Red Dot Astrophysics Red Dot Mindmeld Red Dot Youth
Red Dot Once per game, may cancel ship battle at same nebula.


Rarity: P

Personnel - Klingon/Ferengi

Personnel - Non-Aligned

Personnel - Romulan

KlingonFerengi Quark Son of Keldar Non-Aligned Thomas Paris Romulan Dr. Telek R'Mor
Quark wedded Grilka by brek'tal ritual to head the House of Kozak (as the House of Quark) on Qo'noS. The Ferengi saved his be'nal from financial ruin.
Quark Staff Alternatue Universe CIVILIAN
Convicted traitor. Maquis sympathizer. Best pilot Harry Kim has ever seen. In an alternate reality, a bar fight cost Tom Paris his future aboard the U.S.S. Voyager.
Paris Command Alternatue Universe SCIENCE
Romulan Astrophysical Academy member on deep space duty in 2351. Beamed to the present via a micro-wormhole to the U.S.S. Voyager.
Dr. Telek R'Mor
Red Dot Leadership Red Dot Computer Skill x2 Red Dot Honor
Red Dot Greed Red Dot Attributes all +3 if with Grilka.


Rarity: P
Red Dot Navigation x2 Red Dot Transporter Skill Red Dot SECURITY
Red Dot Treachery (May convert to Honor for rest of game).


Rarity: P
Red Dot Astrophysics x2 Red Dot Stellar Cartography Red Dot Honor
Red Dot ENGINEER Red Dot May report directly to any ship.


Rarity: P
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